Chapter 35

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//Almost at the end! But there will definitely be a second book. Only a few chapters to go :]

I don't know how much time passed before I awoke. My whole body was throbbing, and my head felt like it was about to explode. I tried moving, but I realized that I was tied down to a wall, hands behind my back. I opened my eyes. There wasn't much light, but I could see that I was in some kind of a cell.

I looked around and saw Jack and Tanya, one on each side. Snow was nowhere to be seen. Jack and Tanya seemed to be still unconscious. My sword was taken away from me, as well as my daggers. I tried using my Elements, but I realized that I couldn't. I had little power left, and I was using what I had to resist Shade. He was too close. I had to use every part of determination and strength not to give in to him and go dark.

I pulled at the chains, but they were too strong for me. My legs were free, but my arms were not. I was leaning on the wall, which was not very comfortable. I was also hungry and extremely thirsty.

'Jack..' I tried saying, but it came out as a hoarse whisper. I cleared my sore throat and tried again. This time I was a bit louder. Jack twitched, but didn't wake up. I didn't even try waking Tanya up, since she usually slept like dead, and I doubted it was any different if she's unconscious. I sighed and leaned back at the wall. Standing up was impossible due to the short lengths of the chains. All I could do was wait.

After what could have been hours, I was alerted my footsteps outside the door and Shade's presence squeezing my mind. I didn't have time to wake Tanya and Jack up before the door was open. Luckily, the lighting outside the cell was as bad as it was inside, so I didn't go blind for a second. The door was opened by two guards, fully armored and with swords. The door opened with a loud creak. A few seconds after it was opened, Footsteps approached us. A tall, dark figure was standing at the door.

I couldn't make out any features, and I wouldn't have known it was Shade if it wasn't for both of us being Datonxies. He was just standing there while my eyes adjusted. He took one more step forward.

That's when I saw him. He was dressed in lighter black armor with no helmet. He had a sword at his waist. The sword's blade was dark and had a red handle. I could feel its power, and I assumed it was the sword we were looking for.

His face was really pale, his hair was black and his eyes were green. I guess it's a thing Datonxies have in common. His face was scarred, and he had a half smile on his face.

'Ah, we meet at last' he said. His voice was deep and hoarse. It was scary enough o send shivers down my spines. I didn't answer. He cocked his head.

'Medea... You are powerful. I can feel it... But you have a lot to learn. You and your friends wish to kill me... You failed.' He said. I got angry.

'We'll see about that' I said, resisting the pull of Darkness. He smiled- he knew I was struggling.

'Your friend, Snow, refused to give away the location of the Ice Essence. By the look of your face, I can tell that you know about it, but I doubt you have knowledge of its location. Headmaster wouldn't give such information to us, Datonxies.

'As I was saying, he refused to speak. Even after torture' he said.

Snow was tortured? In spite of my hatred towards him, I felt sorry. He didn't give away such important information. He was a good person, after all.

'So I was forced to end his life' Shade added, pacing around. I was shocked- Snow was dead. Yes, we had our differences, but he didn't deserve to die. I growled and pulled at the chains. Shade seemed amused by it.

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