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I said hi to everyone and then went upstairs to my room to get 2 of the presents we left when I felt someone tap my was Priceton.

Destiny:*rolls eyes* Shouldn't you be with your hoe

Prince:She left.

Destiny:Whatever. What do you want?

I put the presents down on the floor.

Prince:I want you to want me

Destiny:Prince you messed up we're done.

Prince:And who says we can't get back.

Destiny:Prince le-

I got cut off by him kissing me. It felt so right but it wasn't. He took off my shirt and bra and started kissing my breast and playing with them making me moan. He took off his shirt pants and underwear then took off my pants and underwear he layed me on the bed and started to eat me out.

Destiny:*moans* Prince

Prince:Shh *keeps going*

He grabbed a condom and put it on and I watched him he stuck it in. I moaned he banged into me then he pulled out. He layed down and put me on top and started bouncing me.

Prince:Fuck. *groans*

Destiny:Shh *rides him*

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