James *Dirty*

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James imagine:

You're on your way to James his house. He is your best friend forever, but you got a little crush on him for a while now.

You wanna have a relationship with him.. but maybe he doesn't feel the same .. Maybe it's going to ruin your friendship with him..

You can't get him out of your mind. He makes you smile when you down, he is funny, cute, handsome, sweet.. And you just start smiling when you think of him. :)

When you arive at his house, you knock on his door.


After a few minutes, James opens the door with a BIG smile on his face.

"Hey" You laugh and give James a hug.

"Heey, I missed you" James says. "What why? Yesterday we went to the beach together" You say a litte confused.

"Well can't I just miss my best friend?" James says and you see that he is bluching a bit.

*aahw so cute* You think. "Of course you can, But tell me.. Why that BIG smile.. What's up?" You ask a little curious.

"Oh.. Eehm.. I was playing with Fox.. That fluffy ball is so funny" James says and he starts laughing again.

"Oh Iguess that i'm just in time" You say and You walk into his house. "Hey Fox!" You say when You walk into the livingroom. When Fox sees you, he starts running at you.

You sit down on the floor and start petting Fox.

"I guess that Fox missed you too" says James and he sits next to you.

"I think so. " You say and give James a little smile.

After playing for a while with Fox you get a little thirsty.

"I'm going to get some whater" You say while you stand up and walk to the kitchen. You take a glass and fill it with water. Then you feel two hands on your hips and you turn around. You see James standing verrmy close to you.

"Oh hey, you scared me" You say and start giggeling.

"Sorry I didn't want too" James says and come closer and closer. He leans in and he kisses you. You immediately kiss back. The kiss is full of passion and goes deeper and deeper every minute. James lift you up and you put your legs around his waist. You notice that James start walking but you don't know where and you don't even mind. This is all you have dreamed of.

When James drops you, you land on his bed and you notice that you're in his bedroom.

James crawls on top of you and kisses your neck and you start moaning.

"Ooh baby.. You like it?" James ask in your ear with a deep voice.

"Oh yeah I do" You moan.

Then you take of James his shirt and James does the same with you. After a few minutes you both are in only your underwear.

You see James his erection in his boxer and you gave James a dirty look. James goes with his hand to your cheek and goes lower and lower and stops when he arrives at your panties.

He goes with his hand in your panties and start fingering you.

"Oh damn James" You moan.

"Baby you're so wet" James says with his deep horny voice.

Before you cum he stops with fingering.

"Noo James .. Please.. I need you" you beg him..

"I can't take it anymore.. I want you now" James says and takes of his boxer. While he does that you tale off your bra and panties.

"Do you want it too?" James ask while he looks deep into your eyes. "Yes.. please now you little tease!" you almost beg him.

Then James goes into you and start thrusting into you slowly. "Hmm James" You moan and James kisses your neck again.

"Give me everything babe" James says half moaning.

"Oh yeah I will" You say. You have waited for this moment for so long, you can't even imagine that this is happening.

"Omg James i'm cumming.. I'm cumming" You moan and James goes deeper and deeper.. and you both cum. After that, James lies next to you. You put the covers over your body and James takes them down immideatlie.

"Why?" You ask and give him an confusing look.

"You're to beautiful to hide" James says and you lay your head on his chest.

"You're amazing" James say.

"You're ... wow" you say and giggle a little.

"I can' believe we did this" You say after a while.

"I can't believe it either.. But I know that I wanted this for a long time"

James says and you can't believe he said that.

"You what?" You ask.

"Yeah.. I have a crush on you for such a long time but I didn't wanna destroy are friendship" James replies."So.. do you love me?" You ask again.

"Wow so many questions but... Yes" James says a little shy and you start kissing him. You notice that you suprised him a little.

"What.. Why.. Huh??" James says confused.

"I feel the same.. I also have a crush on you but I didn't wanna say a thing for the same reason" You explain.

"No... You're kidding me?" James says with an exited face.

"No, i'm not kidding" you say also excited. Then there is a silence for a few minutes.

"So what does this mean?" You ask. "So.. You wanna be my girlfriend?" He asks.

"Yes.. Yes, YES" you almost scream from excitement and you kiss him.