He Didn't Notice

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They were married, they had three children, he spend so much time with his family, but the sad thing is, he didn't love his wife anymore. He decided to secretly find another woman. He wanted a skinny, brown haired, and brown eyes, type of looking girl. Instead, he had his eye on a skinny, blonde haired, and brown eyes type of looking girl. They started talking. Two weeks later they were dating. He was cheating on his wife. His wife didn't know why he wasn't spending as much time as he used to with her and their three children. When she would ask him, he would just say that he had to work late and she went along with it. He would always come home late at night. Something was wrong with his wife, he didn't care. She seemed depressed, he didn't care. He hasn't cared for along time. His wife would just stay in bed all day and stare at the wall. He didn't know why, but once again, he didn't care.

*One Year Later*

H still had the same wife, and the same girlfriend. His wife still seemed depressed. She would get more depressed throughout the day. He still didn't care. He pretended like he cared when he really didn't. He never spent time with his wife or their children anymore. He spend all his time with he same girlfriend he was cheating on his wife with. He was home one day, he wanted to talk to his wife. He sat her down and they started talking. He said he wanted a divorce. She was shocked, she didn't say anything. She just sat their. They didn't talk for the rest of the night. She was filling out the divorce papers and he noticed there was something wrong. He didn't care. He went to spend time with his girlfriend. Their three children were at their grandmas. He finally got back home the same night. He saw their was a note on the kitchen table. He decided to read it. The not said, "Hi, I have noticed things are different between your and I. I've noticed that you have been thinking that I'm depressed. I am depressed. I never told you this, but my doctor told me I have cancer. That's why I would I wear hats, or something over my head. I'm sorry I never told you. I'm just done with what's going on. I just wanna die right now. Well, I guess this is it. Goodbye, I love you." He has tears rolling down his face. He ran all over the house trying to look for her. He finally fount her. She was in he bathroom. Their was blood everywhere. The pill bottle was open, their was pills everywhere. Their was also a knife and a gun on the counter. She was gone, she was dead, their was no going back. He started crying even more. He couldn't do anything. He ruined everything. He has been paying so much attention to his wife, he didn't even know she was thinking about killing herself. He didn't know she even had cancer. He was thinking to himself, " How am I going to tell our children? What were her parents going to think? What easy everyone gonna think?" He instantly regretted everything he has done. Their was still one thing, he noticed, even though he said he didn't love her anymore, he did. Their was nothing he could do to save her now. He didn't even want to be with his girlfriend anymore. He just wanted his life back to the way it was before. A wife, three children, everything. Everything's gone to him. He can't do anything. He saw the gun, since he did all these things, he wanted to use it. He grabbed the gun and aimed it towards his head. Instead, he put the gun down. He knew he needed to stay because his wife would want his to watch their three children and be happy. So he did. The wife died, he broke up with his girlfriend, and had three adorable children he spend his whole life with. He was a single parent now. He still thinks about those moments everyday. He knew his wife would want him to stay and take care of heir children, so he did.

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