Rocky Horror

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We were in the middle of practicing 'There's a Light' for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Then Carl came in, on a motorcycle.
Then him and Mr.Shue had a fight.
If you wanna know the whole story, this is how it happened.

"Everyone this year we are doing a school production, drum roll please!"  Said Mr.Shue.

Drum Roll.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show!" he continued.

Um. Is that appropriate?

"Mr.Shue, is that appropriate?" asked Rachel.

"Don't worry, I have cut out the risky parts," he replied.

"Okay so, there are no auditions, so the parts are, if everyone agrees,
Riff-Raff- Rory
Usherette Trixie-Santana
The criminologist-Mercedes
Joe,Sugar and Puck sadly cannot participate!" Mr.Shue said hopeful.

"No,no,no, I'm not playing Frank-n-Furter," Kurt said angrily.

"Ok, anyone want to do it?" Asked Mr.Shue.

"I'll do it!" Said Mike.

Imagine, Mike singing and dancing as a women/man.

"Um, okay. Great!" Mr.Shue said.

"What?" I heard Tina whisper to Mike.

"Mr.Shue, I don't fancy playing Riff-Raff," said Rory.

"I'll do it!" Yelled Kurt.

"Great!"said Mr.Shue.

"I don't want to be the criminologist!" Shouted Mercedes.

"I can do it," suggested Rory.



"I can't believe, we are doing Rocky Horror!" Said Sam.

"Yeah, me neither!" I said.

"So you're okay with playing Rocky, Sam?" Asked Tina.

"Why won't I be?" He asked.

"You've never watched Rocky Horror have you?" I asked.

"No." He replied.

I took the DVD of Rocky Horror, out of my locker.

"Watch it tonight and tell me tomorrow, how you feel about it," I said. He nodded.

"Why do have DVDs in your locker?" Tina asked me.

"Long story," I said.


I had Maths then Spanish.

~After School~

I was walking home when..


"Aaah!" I screamed

"Don't panic, it's just me," Puck said.

"What are you doing?"

"Meeting Finn."

"Oh, okay."


Finn and Puck went to watch a movie.
So I got dressed into (the pic above)
A grey top, red Jack Wills shorts and long, gray and red socks.
Put my hair in a ponytail and put my glasses on.

That right I hear glasses and contacts.

I ran downstairs, started playing the air guitar while going into the living room.

I put on Pirates of the Caribbean, the first one.
I love those movies.

Then I heard someone at the door, and come in.
It's Finn and Puck.

"Nice outfit and glasses," Puck said while smirking at me.

"You better not tell anyone about the glasses," I said sharply.

"Got it."

He sat beside me and put his arm around me.
He is like a third brother to me.

"I love that movie," said Puck as he left.


It was Wednesday.
Chinese night.
Kurt came home, we had dinner then I went up to my room.

Texting Artie
O:Thanks (again) for Monday on our date. Had a great time ;)

A: No probs:*

Then I went to sleep.

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