Chap 13: Show Me

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  "You're fucking with me..right?" Considering that Max wasn't a person who just kid around with a subject like this, you decided to give a her benefit of a doubt.
  "Ok, prove it"
  "Your phone will ring in about 5 seconds and it's a text from Warren, then someone outside will yell 'The Prescotts rule this town'-"
  Her desctription of future events
Was interrupted by your phone, ringing. You took out your phone and saw Warren's name on the screen, before you could open your phone to see what he texted you, you could hear someone yell outside.
  "THE PRESCOTTS RULE THIS TOWN, MY DAD OWNS EVERY ONE OF YOU!" You chuckled at what is clearly Nathan's voice, you look at Max, and she looks very serious.
  "Ok fine, but Nathan and Warren might be in on this, I want more proof." You said as you crossed your arms together, trying to act tough and unconvinced, even though you were, but you just wanted to see more cool shit happen.
  "Alright. Here." She hands you a piece of paper and a pen while she said to you.
  "Write something, anything." You scribble a few words on it, facing away from Max making sure she couldn't see, before you could finish writting your sentence, Max interrupts you.
  "You make me feel like I'm intoxicated" (A/N: its my most favourite song like for fucking ever, its called Intoxicated by The Cab, they actually have a gmv of LIS with this song, highly recommend that you watch it! :D)Shocked, your paper was only until the word 'me', you whipped your head back seeing a grinning Max.
  "Holy shit! You really can! Damn.." You put the piece of paper and the pen onto the desk.
  "But why are you telling me?"  
  "This afternoon, there was a fire 
Remember?" You nodded
  "Well, there wasn't a fire, I pulled the fire alarm?"
  "T-to save Chloe"
  "After Mr. Jefferson's class, I went to the bathroom to wash my face, t-then Nathan Precott walked in. Then Chloe walked in, they were talking about drugs and money, I didn't listen in too much 'cause I was so scared, (Y/N). Nathan pulled out a gun and shot her."
  "Then why is she fine now?"
  "I-I rewinded, then I pulled the fire alarm, so sh-she got away"
  "Holy shit.." You said as you put your palm onto your forehead.
  "I d-don't know it was Chloe, not until I saw her. She changed, so much."
  "Holy shit. Max I think you should stay away from Nathan,  he seems dangerous. But what the hell are we going to do about Chloe? She could still be in danger, Nathan pulled are fucking gun on her!"
  "You're right, ok here's what we'll do. Schedule a meeting with her tomorrow and I'll tag along,  don't tell her I'm coming or she'll defiantly not wanna go, then when the three of us are all together, we can talk about it."
  You nodded and took your phone out, dialing Chloe's number you then put your phone against your ear, you heard about raspy voice answer the other end. 
  "Hey Chloe it's me, (Y/N)" You heard a sigh on the other end
  "What do you want?"
  "Do want to maybe like, talk about it? We can meet at the diner tomorrow for breakfast, my treat."
  "Sure, as long as you pay for my food. Catch ya later (Y/N)"
  You said your goodbyes,then you hung up the phone, Max looked at you, stressfull.
  "I really hope this is just nothing"
  "It can't be nothing if guns are involved Max"
  "You're right, I guess we should hit the sack,  I'm like so tired, using my rewind all the time is not so fun." You chuckled, you said goodbye to Max then made your way to your own room. Putting down your trustful leather bag on the floor, you dived into your bed,  having something hit you hard on the ribs, you groaned.
  You still didn't get those fucking sheets.

  A/N: End of this chapter, Yay. Sorry it was a little short. Hoped you guys liked it and thanks for reading. Bai.
-Kenneth and Ty

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