Chapter 1

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I put down the stick and impatiently wait for the results. Effie gave it to me after she heard me throwing up. That happened about 2 hours ago. This is the first day on the train still. We got taken away from 12 this morning. I never got to say goodbye. I hear the beep signaling it has the results. I look down nervously. If I am, that means that I will be pregnant in the Quell. If I'm not, everything will be okay. I look down. A plus. A positive. A pregnancy.
I collapse on the ground sobbing. Nothing ever goes my way! "Katniss?" I hear Peeta say through the shut door. I wipe my eyes and try my best to sound okay "Yeah?" I ask a little shaky. "You okay?" he asks. No. How could I be? I'm pregnant and going into a blood bath. "Yeah" I say with a scratchy voice. "Please tell me Katniss" he says. I can hear the sympathy in his voice. I lay my head against the counter that holds the sink. "It's nothing Peeta" I say. "It is something Katniss, I heard you crying" He says. I shake my head and unlock the door. Quickly hiding the test in my pocket. He comes in quickly and hugs me. I quietly sob into his shoulder as he rubs my back. "It's okay" he says soothingly. I shake my head "It's not okay" I say into his shoulder. "Why?" he asks. I pull away and dig in my pocket. I pull out the test and take a deep breath. I hand it to him. He doesn't know what it is so I explain. "It's a test to determine if you're pregnant. Plus means you are, minus means you aren't." I say sadly. It dawns on him and his eyes have tears welling up in them. "No" he says under his breath. I bite my quivering lip as the silent tears fall.

I lay in my bed that night sobbing. I shake uncontrollably. This is my worst fear. But times ten, due to the fact I will most likely die. I can't let this baby die though. If everything goes as planned, Peeta will live. But he won't want to if this baby and I both die. I shake my head as tears fall down my cheeks. I might have never wanted kids, but this baby will live, even if I don't.

That night I continue to cry. But eventually fall asleep. The next morning I wake up with bags under my eyes. I haven't left my room after I figured out I was pregnant. So everyone looks at me like I have two heads. Everyone except Peeta of course. I sit down next to him and rest my head on his shoulder. He seems deep in thought about something I could only guess. "So sweetheart, why were you gone all day? Hiding from your problems now?" Haymitch asks with a smirk. I feel tears well up in my eyes and stand up. "ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW! YOUR A DRUNK WHO LIKES TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE SUFFER AND LAUGH ABOUT IT!" I scream. I see everyone's eyes widen as I storm off.

Peeta Pov
Everyone is stunned by Katniss' outburst. But she is hormonal. I can't blame her. "Okay then" Haymitch says taking a sip of his drink and finishing his breakfast. "Are you kidding me?" I ask stunned. He looks up at me with a questioning look. "What?" he asks. "She was obviously upset about something, and then you tease her" I say getting a little annoyed. "That doesn't mean she has the right to go hide from her problems. We're all upset" he says. I feel myself get even angrier. "You don't know what she's going through" I say through clenched teeth. "What? Her in the quell facing death? She wanted to die to save you. So she was probably second guessing. If I were you, I would be mad" he says. She wanted to die to save me? "I'm not mad because she's not doing that. And I am mad she was going to die for me though" I rant. He rolls his eyes. "I would be mad because she is second guessing herself" he says like he is completely sure about his words. "She is going through something much worse then worrying about her life or mine right now" I say through clenched teeth. "Oh what? Having to choose between boy with the bread and best friend? Because she needs to realize there is much worse things going on" he says. I am practically fuming now. "NO! SHE IS ACTUALLY HAVING TO DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM OF BEING PREGNANT IN A BLOOD BATH!" I yell. Oh no. I don't think Katniss wanted people to know that. Everyone's eyes widen.

Katniss Pov
I sit in my bed crying. I hate being weak. I hate everything! I hate myself! I hate myself for making Peeta worry about this when he needs to worry about surviving! I hear angry talking going on in the kitchen. I lay my head down on the pillow and let the tears fall. Stupid hormones! I hear screams and try to block them out. I hear Peeta's heavy footsteps and the door open. "Hey Katniss" he says coming and sitting next to me. "Hey" I say and sit up. His blue eyes look into my grey ones. "You are so beautiful" he says rubbing one of my tears away with his thumb. His hand stays there. I rest my hand on top of it and close my eyes. "I am so scared" I say beginning to cry again. "I know. But whatever it takes, I will make sure you get out of there" he says soothingly. I open my eyes. "No Peeta. You will live. This baby needs a father. If anything, it doesn't need me" I say sternly. "No Katniss, you are not gonna die to save me. That little baby needs a mom" he says sternly as well. I move my head and hand away and sit up straight. "Peeta. You deserve this. I don't. And you have always wanted kids" I reason. "You are not going to do this to that baby. You are not gonna leave it motherless!" he argues. "You aren't gonna leave it fatherless!" I yell. "Come on Katniss! Grow up and worry about that baby instead of yourself! It needs a mother" he says. I feel the tears well up. He soon realizes what he says and softens his expression. "Katniss I-" he starts, but I cut him off. "Please go" I say turning away. He slowly leaves. I lay down. Alone again.

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