Whats Everybody Staring At?

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It was the evening after arriving at camp and the girls were lined up at the mess hall for dinner. The hall was decorated with pictures of past campers, the photographs as old as the 1940's. Trophies on shelves also lined the wall along with the camp flag.

The girls had already changed from their casual clothes to their Camp Walden shirts and shorts. The mess hall was filled with gay chatter, laughing and a bit of shouting. The boy who mistook the camp for a boys' camp was on the phone yelling frantically for his father or mother to pick it up while the other girls giggled behind their hands.

Two girls ran in and were stopped by Marvas who told them that no running was allowed. In line to get her lunch was Punky, who was on one end of the buffet table with Cherie and Margaux while Penny was on the other end with Nicole and Dana, her new friends. The two were nearing each other until the only thing that separated them was the bowl of bananas at the very middle of the buffet table. Penny and Punky both grabbed a piece of bread and were only a foot apart when Marvas decided to fill in the empty gap with a bowl.

"Excuse me, girls ... I've just got to have a scoop of those gorgeous strawberries. Care for some?" she asked with a scoop of strawberries ready to fill Punky's bowl.

"I'm allergic," she answered politely, then took her tray and walked off to find a table. Marvas turned to her right and indicated the same scoop to Penny.

"How about you dear, strawberries?" she asked kindly.

"Oh I'm sorry, I wish I could but I'm allergic," she answered bashfully, and Marvas just nodded her head.

"Yes dear, allergic, you told me that already." Marvas said and when she turned to look at Penny, she looked confused and looked at the spot where Punky was before.

"How'd you get over there? Oh, well, first day of camp... You'll have to excuse the ol' girl. At least I'm not putting salt in the sugar shakers yet. I mean, sugar in the..." she turned back and Penny was nowhere to be found. "Now where did she go?" was all the counsellor could mutter.


It was officially the first day of camp and Punky Jauregui's first activity of the day was to go fencing. She excitedly put on her nylon jacket which was green in front, grabbed her foil and wire-mesh mask and went off to the area for fencing. Her first opponent was the lost boy whom she instantly defeated. The boy stood up and complemented her skill before walking off.

"The winner and still undefeated champ from Napa, California, Ms. Punky Jauregui!" Marvas Jr. announced holding up Punky's arm as the crowd of girls cheered.

"Do we have any challengers?" she asked and just then, Penny and her friends walked by after their tennis matches, "Oh c'mon, ladies, let's not be damsels in distress here!" Marvas cajoled and wrote something on her clipboard.

"I'll take a whack at it," Penny announced smugly and Marvas smiled. Like her aunt, she was extremely competitive.

"Ok, we got ourselves a challenger" she said and looked at her watch as both girls got ready. Punky was giving high-fives to the other girls while Penny was putting on her nylon jacket which was white in front.

The two finally faced each other but their faces were hidden beneath wire-mesh masks. They walked towards each other and crossed their foils and going around until the other reached the spot where her opponent stood before.

"Ready?" Marvas asked Punky, who swished her foil once before replying, "Ready," and Penny swished hers twice before also replying with a quip, "All set."

"En garde," said Marvas and the two raised their foils.


The fencing began and it was a heated battle between the two girls. Penny moved forward prompting Punky to move farther and farther back until the two weren't on the fencing area anymore.

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