Chapter 34: Another Sleepless Night

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We thought we were invincible.  Everybody thought they were.  We were kids, we had freedom, we had will.  Nothing could touch us. 

It was the first month with the baby.  She would cry every night from two in the morning to five.  Three hours straight.  Soda and I took turns with May trying to calm her down.  Ponyboy and Darry got sick of listening to a month old baby scream in the middle of the night that they slept over at Two-Bit’s house a couple of nights. 

I had May in one arm and her blue teddy bear in the other trying to cheer her up.  I bounced her in my arms and rocked her, tried kissing her bald little head in hopes that her mother’s kiss would calm her down (cheesy right?), but I was trying everything.  We finally got her asleep at three am.  

The gang came around eleven that morning when Sodapop started cooking breakfast.  He almost fell asleep over the stove while his bacon kept crackling and popping.  May was up by then and I was feeding her.  It was little awkward when six boys walk into the house while your breast-feeding your baby. 

Steve took a look at the scene as said to me, “I’ve been waiting six years to see those and this was not what I imagine.”

“Pig.” I said in a dull tone.  I was covered pretty well though. 

“Hey now buddy.  Be careful who you talk to.” Sodapop chimed in from the kitchen.

“How much juice is in those?” Two-Bit point a finger while still holding his beer can.  I shot him a nasty look, “What? Its an educational question.” He still kept pushing.

“Why don’t you pay attention in class huh?  Maybe that way you could actually graduate and get a job.”  I told him.

“Why don’t you go back to school, huh?” He said sounding all sassy.

I kind of unannounced dropped out of school because of the war and Sodapop leaving and getting married and the baby.  My class already graduated a year ago.  I guess I could go back if I wanted to.  Those teachers would just want me out just like Two-Bit, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn out like Two-Bit.  May already had one dropout parent does she need another?  We both had jobs and helped pay the mortgage and bills.  We had money and were making it just fine.  I didn’t use anything that I learned in school. 

Sodapop’s POV

I was working double shifts at the DX while Colly’s at home with May.  May’s probably crying and screaming.  I wish I could be home right now to take care of both of them.  My shift was over and went to go punch out.  I was holding my card when Buck called for me. 

“Yes sir?” 

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” He said to me smoking a cigar.

“My shift’s over and I was going home.” I tried to explain to him.

“Steve already punched out and I need you to clean up.”  Buck insisted.

“But we’re closed!  Buck, you don’t understand I have a month old baby at home, I need to be there.”  I begged. 

“Sorry boy I understand, but I need the slack to be picked up around here so I suggest you clean fast.” He said ending the conversation. 

An hour later I finally got home.  I saw the silhouette of Colly and May.  She was holding May in her arms and twirling and dancing around with her.  I missed them both; I wanted to be there for my baby girl.  Colly never really had parents like I did and I wanted to show her that not all parents are like that and I wanted her to know I was going to be there every step of our daughter’s life. 

I walked through the front door and Colly greeted me with a kiss.  I was still madly in love with her even after everything that happened.  I’ve been with a bunch of girls before, but I’ve always had something strong for her.  Seeing her with our child that we made ‘and this time it was mine’ made think that she came from unloving family and was neglected turned into a loving mother.  She was always wanted someone who cares about her and feel wanted and now she was going give our daughter that feeling that she never had. 

“How’s my babies?” I asked her playing with May’s fingers. 

“We’re good.  Someone might need a diaper change.  Take the reins on this, thanks.”  Colly told me giving me the baby. 

I changed one diaper before, so we’ll see how this goes.  Colly was following me behind to see what’d happen. 

Colly’s POV

His expression the moment he took off the diaper was priceless.  I couldn’t help but laugh and I was starting to get that prick in my belly.  

“Alright, this isn’t fair! She’s covered in it!” Sodapop whined turning around on his heels looking down at me.  “C’mon give me a freebie.” 

I just started laughing more, “N-n-no.” I finally spit out.  He kept wiping and wiping with the towel and kept looking more and more confused.  “Baby powder babe!  You need to put that on before the diaper.”  

“Okay,” With that he squeezed the bottle of baby powder at me covering me in powder and started laughing. I grabbed the bottle and started dumping it over his hair. 

I was laying on the couch with May in my arms still spitting the baby powder out of my mouth.  Sodapop was taking a shower and then going to bed.  Laying with May reminded me of what we went through to get her.  All the memories came rushing back and I was forced to relive them. 

It was the middle of the night and I was uncomfortable.  It was hard to lay on my side because of my belly, so I told Soda and got up to get tea from the kitchen.  Two-Bit was on the couch sleeping, but I guess that I woke him up.  We talked for a little bit and Sodapop walk in and joined in.  I think it was about my belly and what to do to get comfortable.  I used pillows and blankets, but nothing worked so I decided to go steal some from Ponyboy.  The boys helped pull me up from the chair and I waddled over to Ponyboy’s room.  I saw him sleeping and saw how comfy he was and I woke him up.  I remember exactly what we said, “Ponyboy scoot over.”

“What? Colly?” Ponyboy asked all groggy. 

“Just go back to sleep and give me a pillow.” I instructed him.  My belly briefly touched him back and it was like heaven.  I sort of layed semi-on top of him to get comfortable.  He was like my wall pillow and it was like heaven.

“What the hell are you doing?” 

“Using you as my pillow.  No questions.”  I demanded and I feel asleep instantly. 

I jolted back into reality and smiled at the memory.  I missed my big belly, but it had some perks to it.  Yet again it was another sleepless night.  The cries sounded familiar and Soda and I cried a little too at the sound.  The lack of sleep really messes with you and I swear I started seeing stuff.  I missed sleeping… a lot.  

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