Chapter Seven

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NOTE: Hi! I am writing this memo in hopes of clearing up some confusion people are having. First off, this isn't a "Twlight" vampire story. My intention wasn't to write a story about a helpless human girl who gets swept off her feet by some vampire who constantly is having to save her life. My intention was to write a story where the girl gets to be the hero for once. Second, the story is just at the beginning, somethings are purpously left unexplained for a reason, they will be explained later on in the book. The vampire mythology I used for this story is from a 1980s movie called "The Lost Boys", humans become vampires by drinking vampire blood and not by being bitten. Third, most of this chapter is written in Charlies perspective, which is labeled Charlies POV, I did this because in a lot of gothic and magical realism literature the point of view changes (for example Mary Shelly's Frankenstien). I hope this clears up some confusion and thank you for reading. :) Love, Alice 


Chapter 7:  Seventeen Forever




            I looked at Charlie his deep, teary eyes, were staring at me, and it made me extremely nervous, he had all the hope in the world, and it all depended on me. I felt nervous, he reached across the table and grabbed my hand.


He said completely sincerely.

“I need your help, and I know for certain you are the only one who can help me”.

He begged.

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.”

I said.

He looked at me, with sad drawn out eyes and removed his hand from mine

He looked down at the floor and sighed in.

“I can’t do this alone Eleanor.”

He said, his eyes still focused on the ground.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t.”

I said.

I got up and left the room and then let my self out of the house.


I heard her foot steps creak away. The sound sounded so heavy to me, and as they went deeper back towards the door, and the sound faded out, I felt my Heart drop. I would never see Aurora again, and my beloved Helen, with her red hair, was six feet under the ground, and I would never find her again.

I started to shake. Pull your self together Charlie. I said to myself. I picked up Helens journal from off the bed. I lay down and skipped to the last month she had written in it. Maybe I would find some clues as to where she was, or what had happened to her

June 1, 1942

            I don’t have it in me to write much anymore, I miss Charles so much. His face, his voice, his dark eyes that look at me with so much love in them. I have never been loved by anyone as much as he loves me, and I have never loved anyone like I love him. I miss him beyond all belief, and sometimes I dream that he’s home with Aurora and I, and everything is back to how it was.

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