Going into the Flat Trans ((Scorch Trials))

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"Fuck off, Thomas!" Newt screamed at him.
"I don't even understand what I did!" Thomas screamed back.
"I told you. I told you to be more careful. And you didn't listen! That crank almost bit your bloody head off!" Newt threw his arms up in frustration.
"Seriously? That's why you've been like this to me all day?!" Thomas asked. He was annoyed now.
"Yeah! And it's a bloody good reason, too." Newt replied.
Minho suddenly burst into the room where they had been. He looked at both Thomas and Newt before speaking.
"You two. We gotta go, now. No more waiting for your stupid argument. C'mon." He told them.
Before they walked out, Newt looked at Thomas.
"Don't even think about talking to me while we're down there." Newt looked Thomas straight in the eyes while saying it, then stammered out.
Thomas got tears in his eyes. As he walked out, Minho comfortingly put his hand on Thomas' shoulder.
They went into the dark "flat trans" one by one. Thomas was right behind Newt. He tried to grab Newt's hand. Newt pulled away, and gave Thomas the snake eye.
"I told you. Leave me alone." Newt spoke, firmly.
"Babe..." Thomas lost words.
"Don't bloody start with me, Tommy." He said, stepping into the trans.
Thomas stepped in, and tripped. Newt caught him before he could fall.
"I told ya, be more careful." Newt told him, before walking up ahead of the rest of the group.
Thomas sighed, shaking his head.
They'd been in the trans 3 whole days now. The last time Newt and Thomas spoke was the first day, their big argument. Newt was still at the front of the group, Thomas still in back.
Although it was pitch black, Newt still managed to find Thomas.
Newt sighed, grabbing Thomas' hand.
"Babe," Newt said.
Thomas looked at him, even though he couldn't see him.
"Newt? You're talking to me again?" Thomas asked, hopeful. He missed his baby boy.
"Yeah... And I'm sorry, Tommy. I really mean it. I was just really worried about you, I let it turn into anger. I'm sorry. I'll never ignore you again." Newt apologized.
Thomas brought Newt into a tight hug, stopping. Not caring if the rest of the group went ahead of them. They wouldn't be able to see anyways.
"I'm sorry too babe. I was being pretty careless. I am pretty clumsy. We were both in the wrong. Let's just forget this ever happened babe," Thomas replied. He was happy his boy was talking to him again.
Suddenly, Newt smashed his lips onto Thomas'. Thomas passionately kissed back. It was turning into a hardcore make out session.
They were now on the ground, Newt on top of Thomas. Kissing.
"Babe... Let's go farther," Newt whispered in Thomas' ear.
Thomas kissed Newt again, then looked where his eyes would be.
"Are you sure? Here, in the pitch black, where Wicked is monotoring our every move?" Thomas asked, hesitant.
"I'm sure. I want to prove to you that it will always be us until the end. And I know this is the perfect way," Newt replied.
Then, Newt was practically ripping off his own clothes. Thomas did the same.
Thomas was sitting in table pose, waiting for Newt.
"Are you ready babe?" Newt asked.
"Mmhm," Thomas anxiously moaned.
Newt took off Thomas' underwear, then his own. He then placed his hands on Thomas' hips.
"Here it is baby," Newt said. He inserted himself into Thomas.
Thomas choked.
"Newt! Oh my God!" Thomas screamed.
Newt thrusted back and fourth in Thomas, and soon Thomas' groans of pain turned into screams of pleasure.
"Babe! Oh my God! Newt, Newt..." Thomas moaned.
"Tom, I'm gonna.. I'm gonna release in you... Can I?" Newt asked.
"Do it, babe." Thomas replied.
With one more thrust, Newt was pouring out in Thomas. His eyes rolled back.
"Uhhng, mm..." Newt moaned.
"Feel good babe?" Thomas asked, breathless.
"Mm.. Mmhm... Ohh..." Newt moaned some more.
When Newt was done, he pulled out of Thomas.
They both layed down next to each other, breathless.
"Babe. That was amazing," Thomas told Newt.
"Good that, Baby. Same for you," Newt replied. He kissed Thomas.
"Now c'mon, we gotta find the rest of the group."
They got dressed, and took about 7 steps and ran into someone.
Thomas gasped, startled.
"Relax, it's just Minho." Minho said.
Thomas' eyes were a bit more adjusted to the darkness now and could see outlines of a bunch of boys, what looked like their whole group...
"Are you love birds done doing your work now?" Frypan asked, throwing a chuckle in there. Thomas felt himself blushing.
"Er.. Um... Yea," Thomas spat out.
"Let's go then," Minho turned around, walking.
Newt grabbed Thomas' hand. He quietly giggled, kissing Thomas' cheek.
"I love ya, ya dumb shank," Newt said as they walked in the back of the group.
Thomas kissed Newt's cheek back.
"Trust me, I love you. A lot more." Thomas said while kissing Newt back, but on the tip of his nose.

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