❤︎Chapter 2: Mutual Love

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"Momoka Namida! Please stop that humming!"

"I'm sorry!"

The class erupts into giggles as Momoka bites onto the bunny eraser at the end of her pencil. Her embarrassment fades as her smile returns.

Tomomi sits in the far right of the classroom -- right next to the big sunny window everyone loved. He sat with his elbow on the table, leaning his head in his hand in an elegant pose. Every girl in the classroom (except cheerful Momoka) were staring at him in fascination.

However, Tomomi was staring at Momoka -- her beautiful dark thick hair that went just a little past her shoulders, her beautiful clear skin, and her big round brownish eyes that looked almost like they reflected an almost red color.

Tomomi couldn't believe the sweetest, prettiest girl in the world had feelings for him. For almost as long as he had had feelings for her!


"Mm.." Tomomi places his hand over his chest when his heart clenches. He was afraid this would happen -- getting too excited wasn't good for his weak heart.

And what would grandmother think about this...well...why do I care? I'm done being under her control. And I have Momoka to prove that. This is my chance to get out of this shell I've placed over my true self.


"Yes?" Tomomi looks at the teacher quickly, snapping out of it. She points to the board, gesturing for him to fill in the blank.

Tomomi barely had to think, as he read the sentence on the board, 「犬は どこに ありますか?」

Below the sentence was the English translation with a blank, "Where is the ____?"

"Where is the dog?" Tomomi stated with very good pronunciation. The class whispered with an amused reaction.

"Correct." The teacher wrote the missing word on the board, smiling.


"Maruyama is so cool!"

"So cool!"

"Tomomi teach me English sometime, would ya?" Tadashi leaned lazily against his chair, scratching his temple as he looked quizzically at his English book.

"Of course, Tadashi." Tomomi grinned at his friend, but he knew Tadashi didn't care that much about English, he just wanted to impress the girls in the class like he did.


Tomomi turned his head, hearing the familiar voice and smiled when he saw Momoka talking to her friends. Somehow, knowing that she found him impressive made him feel a bit bashful. Even a bit proud.

"I forgot how to say 犬 in English." Momoka giggled.

"Ah, me too. I forgot how to say the word for..."

"Chiharu, shh! We have more important things to talk about!" Reina motioned to Momoka. The 4 friends exchanged glances.

"We were a bit too far to hear what you guys were saying. Are y'all going out now or what?" Aimi raised a brow.

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