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Claire: A 16 year old (junior) girl who would do anything to make the people closest to her smile. She's a good girl who gets straight A's and works hard to get what she deserves. She doesn't pay much attention to boys because school, family and volleyball take priority in her life, but when she falls for someone it takes time but she falls hard. She is quite sassy and isn't afraid to put someone in their place. Despite that, she is a sensitive and humorous girl who strives to make people happy, especially her family.

Zabdiel: A 17 year old (senior) boy who often lets his emotions get the best of him. As you've probably already guessed, he's really sensitive but also a very happy teenager, but he doesn't really enjoy change. He isn't your typical teenage boy who's into rap where they swear the entire time, or goes around playing with girls feelings. He's one of the few who really puts everyone else before himself. While his sister, Claire, may have gotten more the sporty genes, Zabdiel definitely took a lot of the artistic ones. He loves anything having to do with music, writing and singing is his passion.

Baylie: A 16 year old (junior) girl who always has a smile on her face. She's very friendly and always spreads her joy to those around her. Everyone loves her. Her good attitude and smile are contagious. She avoids drama as much as possible, as well as boys. She's not looking for a relationship, she just kinda goes with the flow.

Olivia: A 16 year old (junior) girl who everyone wants to be friends with. Her and Baylie have known each other since their first year of school and have been best friends since. Olivia has a fiery attitude and doesn't take shit from anyone. A lot of guys want her but she has a thing for a boy named Yoandri, although she's never really talked to him but you will never hear her admit it.

Yoandri: A 17 year old (senior) boy who doesn't get a lot of attention from the girls but doesn't mind. He's really focused on his studies and his passions but his best friend, Erick, tends to pull him away from that.

Erick: A 17 year old (junior) bad boy. All the girls swoon over him and he knows he has that effect on them but he doesn't really care. He's flirty with everyone, a real player, but no one really has his heart. But he has a mysterious quality to him. He's kind of the opposite of Yoandri, but somehow their friendship just works.


Hey guys:)) I mentioned I wanted to write a fanfic about some of the boys but before, here's a little introduction to the main characters. I'll be updating soon with the first chapter:)

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