: The Boys Find Your Nudes

Harry: “Hey, Harry, do you have any socks?” Niall hollered, his voice echoing throughout the cramped tour bus. The boys chuckled at Niall’s knack for losing random articles of clothing. “Socks?!” Harry stuck his head out of the bunk, before rolling his eyes, “Yeah, socks. Sure. In the bag, mate.” Harry ducked back inside of his bed, thumbing through his phone and trying to get ahold of you. Niall pulled the suitcase out from underneath the bed and started rifling through it, mumbling as he went. “Socks… socks… socks… so- WEY HEY.” Harry’s eyes got wide as soon as he heard it, knowing what had happened. He practically swan dived out of the bunk and onto Niall. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Put those back, those are not for you, man.” 

Niall: “Where’s my laptop, damnit,” Niall fumbled around in the bunk, trying to find it. “Louis? Have you seen my computer?” Louis’ eyes snapped up from Niall’s computer screen, yelling towards the bunks, “I’ve got it, mate. Mine was dead.” Niall walked into the living room, joining Louis on the couch. “Well, hurry up, Louu,” Niall whined, “I want to Skype [Y/N].” Louis rolled his eyes, thumbing through the Finder app on the laptop. “I’m just looking for the song lyrics we had written the other day, and… and hellloooo dollly!” Louis exploded into laughter, tossing the laptop on the ground. “Hey!” Niall growled, grabbing the laptop, “Don’t you dare say a word, man. A fuckin’ word.” 

Louis: “So how are you and [Y/N] holding up, then?” Zayn asked Louis, settling down in the dressing room, in the armchair across from Louis. Lou sighed, chewing on his lip a little bit and leaning back. “You know, it’s tough. We… we miss each other a lot. But you know. We deal. Perrie can’t join us on tour. You know how it is.” Zayn chuckled, running a hand through his hair, “This is true. But how do you two, you know. Deal.” Louis’ eyes widened as he finally got the drift. “Oh. Well. About that. I mean, I call her. And Skype. And stuff…” Zayn’s lips turned up into a evil little smirk, and he held back a giggle, “Anything else, then? Hmm?” Louis’ face drained of color as he looked Zayn dead in the eye, “What were you doing in my suitcase?!” Zayn burst out in laughter, doubling over, “Well, [Y/N]’s fit!” 

Zayn: “Do you have any more beer?” Niall burped, pumping his fist on his chest a few times. Zayn rolled his eyes playfully, pointing towards the kitchen. “Yeah, man, help yourself. In the fridge.” You had to go for a semester abroad for university, and Niall had been spending more nights at Zayn and yours’ flat in your absence. As Niall strolled into the kitchen, he easily plucked a beer from the fridge and began snooping around for some snacks. He came across an envelope in the drawer clearly marked ‘[Y/N]’, and he took it out to Zayn. “Hey, Malik, did [Y/N] forget something while she was packing…?” Zayn blushed bright red and dived for the envelope. Niall swung it out of Zayn’s grasp, running away, “I KNOW WHAT THIS IS…” 

Liam: “Liam?” Harry called out, obviously hiding laughter in his voice as Liam walked out of the bunks. “Yeah?” Harry couldn’t help but break into boy-like giggles, chuckling and covering his face with his hands as he scrolled through Liam’s laptop with the other. “What the hell…,” Liam frowned, snatching the laptop and seeing the images up on screen. “HEY, oh shit, fuck, man! Why didn’t you close out?!” Liam glared at Harry, who was beat red and still laughing like a child. “I didn’t think [Y/N] would be the kind of girl to do that,” Harry giggled, “I mean, is there anything else we should no?” Liam pouted, closing the laptop and sitting down. “No. No there is not. And not a word to [Y/N].” 

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