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"Andrea!" Jack greets me and hugs me

"Heyyy." I reply hugging him back

"Nice to see you again." Jack smiles

"You too." we start to walk into the museum

Jack and I walked around the museum for a while. It was really fun. Jack is so funny and nice to be around. Madison is really luck to have him.

"Whoa! I love this one!" I cheer pointing to a gorgeous red blue and orange painting.

"Let me take a picture of you with it." Jack offers and I hand him my phone

"Thank you." I say putting my hand out for Jack to give to me but he kept looking at it. "What are you doing?"

"Oh nothing." Jack smirks and hands me back my phone. I look at it and Jack posted the picture on my Instagram. The caption was, 'which piece of art is prettier."

"Jack!" I wine "people are going to think I'm conceited."

"That was the point." Jack laughs. I punch him in the shoulder and he pretends to be hurt

We continue to look at all the art and enjoy each others company. Looking at all this art makes me want to go home and paint. I am very much into painting and stuff like that and I would say I'm good at it. I never have time to do any art so I need to make time for it soon.

Jack and I pretty much have admired every piece of art in here so we decide to go to lunch. We debate on where to go, and of course, Jack won. We are going to this place called Stack's. I've never been there before but Jack said its really cool and the food is great.

"Hello. Welcome to Stack's. Party for two?" The front desk lady greets us as soon as we walk in

"Yes, please." Jack replies in his formal voice which makes me laugh a little

"Right this way." The lady grabs two menus and leads us to our table.

Every wall in here has massive bookshelves with stacks and stacks of books on them. I'm guessing that's why this place is called stacks?

We sit down at the small table in the corner where the lady told us to.
"Stephanie will be your waitress for today, she will be over soon."

"This place is so pretty." I tell Jack while taking in the environment

"Let's take a picture." Jack recommends and he asks the random man sitting by us to take a picture

"Say cheese!" The bearded man that Jack willingly gave his phone to said but we both didn't say cheese. No one does that anymore man, get your sh.t together.

Jack takes his phone back and the man goes back into the booth he was sitting in.

"This is a really good picture." Jack smiles and shows me his phone

Jack and I both look really good in the picture. The lighting is perfect and the wall is so gorgeous with all the old books.

"I want to post it to my Instagram." I wine once Jack takes his phone away

"We can both post it." Jack laughs and sends me the photo

We both post it at the same time and the photos are flooded with likes. Like always, I read some of the comments,

'u guys would be v cute together'
'I thought u were dating kian??'

Of course more then half of them are about Jack and I dating, whatever.

"Hi I'm Stephanie and OH MY GOD!" A tall brown haired girl, probably about 19, came up to our table.

"What's wrong?" Jack asks putting his hand on her shoulder

"Oh my god Jack Gilinsky is touching my shoulder." Stephanie mumbles but we could both hear it

"Nice to meet you." I say standing up and hugging her

Stephanie takes a few long breaths. "I don't want to get fired, so what would you guys like to drink."

Jack and I laugh.
"I'll have a Diet Pepsi." I answer
"I'll have the same." Jack says

"Okay I'll get those right away." Stephanie rushed off

"Oh my god that was hilarious." I start laughing

"Should we ask for another waitress?" Jack asks with a low tone

"What? No!" I defend my little Stephanie even though it is kind of unprofessional

"Okay." Jack takes a sip of his water

Stephanie comes back with out drinks and takes out her notepad thing,
"Are you guys ready to order?" She had a hard time keeping her voice steady because she was still freaking out

Jack and I both ordered what we wanted.

"So I heard you and kian got back together!" Stephanie cheered and I smiled back at her. She's so cute. Jack gave me a kind of angry look but then looked at Stephanie the same way.

"How long have you guys been back together?" She asked and Jack began to look more frustrated

"I don't think that's an appropriate thing to ask a costumer." Jack spoke up and with a harsh tone which surprised me

"Oh right. I'm sorry." Stephanie quickly apologized "I'll get your order in."

I turned to Jack after she left and gave him a confused look.
"This is supposed to be a proper dinner. Not one with fangirls asking personal questions." Jack replied

"I know but I think that was kind of rude."

"Sorry." Jack scratches the back of his neck

"It's fine." I respond

Jack and I get to know each other a bit better, which I really enjoyed. Him and his friend Jack Johnson are going on tour soon so that's exciting even though we are just starting to become friends and now he's leaving for four months.

Stephanie acted like a normal waitress for the rest of the time which kind of bummed me out. I though I would take a picture with her or something but she briefly came to our table.

Jack payed the check and we walked out of Stack's without saying goodbye to Stephanie. I bet she's more bummed then me.

"It was really nice hanging out with you." I hug Jack before getting into my car

"I agree. Hopefully we can hang out again before I leave on tour." Jack closes my car door


"Okay. I'll text you."

"Bye!" I wave goodbye to Jack and zoom out of the parking lot back to Kian's house. Hopefully he's home by now.

This is really just a filler chapter! I hoped you enjoyed it anyways

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