{Christmas Week} Day 4: Party

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Rogue's POV

It was about 1:00 p.m. I was ready to head to the party but it didn't start until 5:00 p.m.

I decided that I would go back into town, just to see if there was anything else I could possibly get.

'Crap... I've been neglecting Frosch. He's been with Sting so much. I should go pick him up before I go out into town.'

I made my way over to Sting's house and knocked on the door.

"Long time no see, Rogue." He said as he opened the door, holding Frosch.
"I know." I said guiltily. I felt bad for leaving him with Frosch. I've been completely neglecting them recently.
"Where have you been? Have you been with Kagura?" He gave me a smug look.
"Y-yes..." There was no point in denying. It was the truth.

"I see..." His look only became more smug, "Have you done that yet?"

I froze. Completely.

"Y-Yes..." I gulped down hard, my cheeks burning.

Sting's jaw dropped. "R-Really?! I didn't expect that... U-Uh.. Well congratulations! I guess..." His voice was unsure and he handed me Frosch.

"Congratulation, Rogue-kun!" Frosch yelled as I held him tight. Damn, why the hell did Frosch have to hear that?

I was slightly frustrated and I could only be dumbfounded by what Frosch said. Did he even know what Sting was talking about?

"Well Sting, I'll be heading out." I slowly started backing away.

"What? Are you going to go out somewhere with Kagura again?"

"N-No... I'm just heading out by myself..."
He laughed, "Alright then, sure. Enjoy yourself."
"Whatever." I huffed and turned around to leave. "I'll see you at the party..." I mumbled.

I held Frosch in my arms as we began our journey back to the town.
"Do you want to eat anything, Frosch?" I looked at him with gentle eyes.
"No.. I'm okay, Rogue-kun. I ate at Sting-kun's house." Frosch grinned.

The two of us just wandered aimlessly around Magnolia, until we bumped into the girl that I saw earlier.

She was working at on of the vendors. Beside her was what I was assuming as her grandmother and aunt.

I walked up to the booth that they owned and smiled.

"Oh, hello mister uhm..." She looked at me awkwardly. "I'm Rogue... You remember me from yesterday?" I said quietly.

"Of course! You were with that really pretty girl... I never got a chance to know her name though." She grinned as she handed one of the customer what he bought. "Thank you and happy holidays" She called after him.

"Her name was Kagura." I smiled.

"Kagura... It's a beautiful name..." Right, this little girl's name is Sora.
"I have to agree, Sora." I smiled. I swear, this little girl gets to me.
She looked at me, amazed. "O-Oh... You remembered my name..." Her voice seemed shy.
"Of course..." I kept smiling.

There was a pause of silence, but I quickly broke it.
"Sora..." I shut my eyes, smile fading, "If anything ever happens to you... You come find me and Kagura... Okay?"
"H-Huh? W-Well okay..." She said, dumbfounded.
"You seem like you mean alot to Kagura... And I just want to keep you safe... For her sake..." My voice was low and quiet.
She simply nodded.

"I should be going." And then we simply said our farewells and I headed off to the Fairy Tail guild hall with Frosch, who surprising didn't ask anything about Sora. 'I also wonder why Sora didn't ask about what Frosch was... Or greeted him...'
I couldn't help but think.

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