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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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---3rd person---

He sat still, his arms outstretched either side of him, chained up, hanging him from the stone cold walls. His legs crossed in front of him, also chained up but a little more loosely.

He wore only his black knee length shorts with a belt around his waist, an A printed on the front. He had no shoes, only an orange wrist band around his left arm and a red beaded necklace. 

He felt dead. He had gone through all the torture of Impel down without even flinching. His body was tired, beat up, dead.

He felt useless, cuts, burns, burses all over his skin.

His breath was heavy as he heard footsteps approach him. He lifted his head up ever so slightly only to fine Garp.

"O-old man.." Ace chocked.

Garp stood there in his Marine uniform. His arms folded across his chest as he stared down at his adopted grandson.

"I'm impressed that you're still conscious," he stared. "With all those wounds." Ace only looked down, biting his lip as Garp carried on. "Ace! Because of you, Navy HQ.. No, the entire world government is in an uproar."

His voice was serious before a smile passed his lips and he soon began to laugh.

But Ace's facials didn't change. In fact, he kept his head down, his voice almost breaking as he spoke.

"K-kill me!"

Garp stopped laughing and stared at his grandson in slight confusion. Ace lifted his head, his eyes locking with Garps.

"Just... kill me!"

"Kill you, you say?" questioned Garp as he took a seat outside Ace's cell, crossing his legs. "Fool! Anything we could do now would be pointless. Even if you died right now, it wouldn't stop Whitebeard. Nobody can stop this now."

Ace clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. He knew Garp was right and he knew that this entire thing was his own fault.

"We have angered.." started Garp again. "The King of the Sea!"

They stayed in silence for a moment, the only sound to be heard was the sound of the water droplets hitting the floor. Ace's tears as he gritted his teeth tighter. His eyes tightly shut as memories of Whitebeard filled his mind.

Garp let out a sad sigh. He never thought that he would ever be put in this situation.

"I wanted you and Luffy to become great Marines." said Garp. "Never mind Marines, you two brothers became notorious outlaws. I'm sure you heard the rumours about Luffy, too. In water 7, he picked a fight with the World Government and somehow managed to invade the Island of Law, Enies Lobby. I shot over there and gave him a taste of the old man's Fist of Love! Doesn't seem to have helped one bit, though. After that, he caused a huge uproar on the Sabaody Archipelago. I'd expect no less from my own grandson!" grinned Garp before he burst out laughing.

Garp didn't see as that comment about Luffy, made the slightest smile appear on Ace's face.

"Oh, yeah." added Garp. "I also told Luffy about his father. He was really surprised to hear he had a father. "

"Doesn't matter.." said Ace, his voice sad and came out more like a slight growl. "Whether we know about it or not as annoying as it is, both me and Luffy carry the blood of a world-renowned criminal. There's no way we could've ever been marines. Even though I owe my mother a debt of gratitude and took the name "Portgas". I still can't stand the thought that I carry the blood of that worthless father of mine. I don't remember him at all, and I don't owe him anything."

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