Merryn let them both talk

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Merryn let them both talk. It was hard enough to think as it was, with out trying to make up a pointless conversation.

"I was thinking if the other mages in the city combined their powers together then we could have a definite lock on Han." Opial said.

"That might work, but were to find a pool big enough to view it in?" Parcival said.

She squirmed in the chair the vines were moving at a faster pace.

She shouldn't have looked.

They had moved down her arms, and almost reached her hands. She touched her left forearm and the vines glowed an odd monochrome, before they faded below the skin.

"Let's finish our meal and go gather them." Parcival eyed her. "What's wrong?"

She sprang up from the chair and it tumbled over backwards with a thud. She had to find Han. Her arms glowed again as she thought this, and she hid them behind her back.

"What are you doing?" Parcival said.

"I dunno. Excuse me I need some fresh air." She went over to the chair and placed it back. As she started to leave the dining room, Opial stepped over to her.

"Do not take to long, I will be trying a homing spell next. Before calling on the others." Then she sat back down and took out a few scrolls that she had hidden in her long bell sleeves.  

Not much later she was outside, then a pulling sensation started. She tried to fight it, but her feet stomped forward. Her legs had a will of their own and an hour later she was at the city's grand gate.

Her awareness crumbled, she found herself on a horse, its hooves crunched as it went forward. The Great Silver Forest now less then five feet away. She wondered how she got here so quickly. Her breath puffed. Boy was it cold, and wrapped her tattered cape around her. She slid off the horse. Her body screamed in pain as if she had rode several leagues without stopping.

She managed to tie the horses reins to a thick branch that curved down. The crystal droplets on the leafs usually chimed, but sounded muted and hollow. The cold burned her fingers as she fumbled with the buckles and straps on the pack on the horses side.

Should she go back? It was hard to take all this in, but yes she really was back here again. She made her locked up knees cross and she let her mind go blank. From the darkness of her thoughts, the only solution left bubbled up.

She sighed, well, not the only one but one that didn't evolve having to go back several leagues, or trying to find a mage porter in the middle of no where.

She slept and found herself riding the horse again, this time she she seemed to be heading west. What the hells was going on?

It is time, don't fight it, I'll just take over, so it's pointless to resist. Unnamed said.

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