Overdue Babies 1/2

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He was tiny. They were big. He was young. They were overdue.

Author's POV

Mark was still a teenager probably the age of 23. He had unprotected sex which led to him becoming pregnant. Not just any pregnancy though. He became pregnant with triplets.

His partner, Will, thankfully didn't leave him. They had been living together but not married. Will would always take care of Mark so much that Mark felt like he was the fourth baby.

Will just loved Mark so much. He couldn't believe that on their first pregnancy, they got lucky with three babies.

The ultrasound had revealed two boys and one small girl. The reason why Will cared for him more after him becoming pregnant was because Mark had become weak.

The pregnancy cycle was killing him. Will tried to do everything that he could for him being comfortable. They were the goals of gay couples.

Will's POV

I was driving home to my sweet Mark. Mark would probably be sleeping on the couch I thought.

Driving faster but safely, I was overjoyed when I got home. Opening the door quickly, I saw cute pregnant Mark waddling to the kitchen.

Running over at lightning speed, I support his weight.

"Hey! I told you to sit down and get some rest,"

Mark rolled his eyes and kept walking to the kitchen. I couldn't help but stare at his lovely face.

"How did I get so lucky to be with you?"

Mark giggled and his belly did too. I kissed his cheek and kneeled down to become eye level with his bump. Setting my hands on the sides of his belly, I felt one of them kick.

I kissed the smooth, taut skin of his. Mark got the bag of chips and I supported him while we walked back.

"Hey Mark, when was your due date again?"

"It passed,"

"Like passed when?"

"Probably three weeks passed,"

"Wait that's passed your induction date,"

"Oh I told them that I wasn't going to do it,"

"Why not? It not safe for you to have triplets that are that much overdue,"

"It's safe,"

Mark ripped open the bag and started to eat. I sat by his side and took the chips back.

"You can't be eating these,"

Mark sighed and licked his fingers. I kissed his cheek again and snuggled up next to him. We turned on a movie and held hands. There was nothing more than I could ask for.

Mark's POV

I woke up from my nap from painful sores. It was dark. Will was still asleep next to me. I got up from the couch and laid him down thinking I should go to the bathroom.

Waddling by myself to the bathroom, I stopped in my tracks to feel another pain crossing over me. Breathing with a rhythm that I learned, I leaned against the wall.

The thought of 'it's time' came to me. What if it is? I turned around to wake up Will but my knees buckled. I fell to the ground and felt my stomach to see if the babies were okay.

They stopped kicking. I pressed through my skin but they didn't kick back. I panicked. Feeling another contraction, I kept pressing through my skin.

After awhile, I felt a small kick. Sighing, I knew I had to hurry and wake Will. Getting up slowly, I walk over to Will. Shaking him, he wakes up and gets shocked from seeing my face.

"What's wrong sweety?"

I couldn't talk from another contraction coming in. Just staring at him, he saw my hand on my stomach.

"Is it time?"

I gave him quick nods and he understood. Will got up and let me sit. He dialed a number and told them everything. All they said to do was walk around until your water breaks.

He hung up and came over to me. I got up with his help and walked around. It was painful. My back was killing me. I took small steps and my belly weight dragged me down.

I sunk to the ground.

"Will, I can't do this,"

"Oh Mark. You came so far, soon we'll be seeing our triplets. You can do this,"

He helps me up and we continue to walk. After about an hour of doing that, my legs only got tired and my water didn't break.

Will got out the birthing ball and let me bounce on it. I did a few things that I knew but none of them worked.

Feeling tired and hurt I close my eyes and felt myself about to loose consciousness. I feel Will shaking me and I snap back and looked into his eyes. He gave me the sweetest smile.

I smiled back and felt a contraction. Rolling my hips on the ball, I feel my cervix opening. After doing things for about another hour, my water still didn't break but the contractions were still coming.

I get up from the ball and take off my everything that I was wearing. Walking around a little with Will, I suddenly feel a strong urge to push along with a painful contraction. Bending down, Will allows me to hold his shoulder. Unknowingly, I push and feel a burst of relief along with my amniotic sack popping.

It made a splashing noise as it hit the tiled floor.

"My water broke Will my water-AHHHOOWW!!"

I squat down and push through the pain. Feeling the baby's head come down lower, I scream.

Will's POV

After Mark's water breaks, he immediately started pushing in a squatting position. It seemed painful. He held onto my shoulders and pushed hard.

I saw him biting his lips so hard that blood came out from them. He screamed in pain.

"Mark bend over onto the ball so I can see how you're doing,"

I give him the ball and he does as he's told. Hunching over to see his opening, I see a small almond shape of the baby's head.

"You're doing great, I see the head,"

Mark pushes and moans loudly. The baby's head comes out a little more then retracts when Mark stops pushing. I kept my hand under his opening to prevent the head from hitting the floor.

Mark's opening slowly starts to open wider and wider. Everything was happening so quickly.

"Shit! Ahhh! It's coming!!"

Mark yelled and pushed. Before I knew it, the baby's head popped out of him and pressed against my hands making Mark groan from the pressure. The baby was almost here.

"Is the baby out yet?!" Mark asked in between breaths.

"No not yet. The head is out though,"

Mark pushes hard and yells when the baby's body tries to squeeze out. He pants and pushes.

"Get it out of me!"

I slightly tug on the head and the first baby was out in a second.

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