Don't wanna leave him

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We both were sitting opposite to each other. I am so nervous. What should I talk to him? I was looking at my hands, I can't look him in the eyes after what I did.

"How have you been?"he asked me breaking the silence.

I looked at him. He haven't change a bit. He looked the same with black hair and green eyes. We both have the same eye colour, green.

"I am fine."I said when I found my voice back and asked him,"How are you, dad? How is mom and James?"

Yes...he is my dad and its been more than six months since I last met him or argued before leaving home.

Flashback :

"Dad, I love him! I love Mark and I can't live without him!"I said trying to convince him to accept Mark.
"He is not worth your love, dear. He doesn't love you, he just loves your money. Please, try to understand."he said trying to convince me to forget him.
"You really think so! Ok! Then, I will prove it to you that he loves me and only me, not my money. I will leave your house, your money and live with Mark."I said and went upstairs to back my bag.

I packed few clothes and things that I will need and went downstairs. I kept the credit cards and car keys on the table infront of dad.

"Jane!! Don't go!! Please!!"mom said crying and held my hand.
"Sorry, mom."I said and free my hand from her grip.
"Jane, I really think dad is right about Mark. Please try to understand."James, my elder brother said.

But I just took my bag and stormed out.

Present :

"Everyone is fine. They just miss you."dad said.

"Dad, I am sorry! I am really sorry, dad! You were right about Mark and I was wrong! Dad...."I was saying crying, when he moved his chair to my side hugged me and said,"Jane, it's ok. It's not your fault. But you should have come back home. Do you know how worried we were?!"
"I am sorry, dad."I said crying more.
"'s ok, Jane. Don't cry."he said rubbing my back.

"So, this is where you live. It's nice."dad said looking around the house.

He wanted to see where I lived and worked so I brought him to my house.

I nodded.
"I should really tell you that I am proud of you. You really did well and took care of yourself really well. And you got a nice job too as a waitress. You really took good care of yourself."he said proudly.
I smiled and hugged him.

"Hello! I hope I am not disturbing?"Barry said standing at the door.
"Not at all, son. Come in!"dad said to him smiling.

Barry came in and looked at me.
Seeing me smiling he smiled and relaxed. He must be tensed about how am I doing.

"You know Jane, Barry is the one who contacted me and told me that you are here. He met me before bringing you to meet me and told me everything that happened. He is really a keeper and loves you a lot. I can see that in his eyes. You have made a right choice this time."dad said smiling.

I smiled and hugged dad. And looked at Barry. He smiled but something was different about his smile. He seemed tensed about something.

"Jane, your mom and brother will be so happy to see you."dad said and I looked at him.
"Go and pack your bags. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon. You know Barry gave me this idea to take you with me tomorrow, otherwise I thought that I will have to give you some more time before going. But he said that you will want to meet your mom and brother and will be happy to meet them."he added.

I looked at him shocked and then at Barry. He didn't seem to have any affect. He is really ready to let me go like this! That's the reason he was tensed. But, I don't want to leave Barry. And I can't say no to dad. I too want to meet mom and James. What should I do???

Jane has to go back with her father. But she don't want to leave Barry. What will she do? Will she go or stay?
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