So happy

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"Really!!!"Emma said happily and hugged me.
"I knew it! I knew this would happen!"Lily said smiling and hugged me too.
"He used to stare at you whole day! I told you he bought this restaurant just to be near you. We were right from the start!"Emma said smiling.
"But someone always denied this, but now his love has taken her heart."Lily taunted me and winked.
I tried to hide my blushing face.
They both laughed seeing me blushed.

I looked at Barry, he looked away trying to hide his smile. I know he can hear everything perfectly but he doesn't want to show this so, that I don't feel uncomfortable talking to my friends. He is so sweet and caring. This makes me fall for him even more.

"We want to know the details! Who confessed first?"Emma said looking at me curiously.
"Yes!"Lily said with curiosity.
I looked at them then at Barry then again at them. What should I tell them? I can't lie..

"Jane!!"Barry called out.

The three of us looked at him.
"Jane, your boyfriend is calling you. He can't let us be with you. Jealous guy. Go now!"Emma said taunting me.
I was about to turn when Lily grabbed my hand, I looked at her confused. She smiled and said,"I am not stopping you, but just reminding you that you have to tell us everything afterwards."
I nodded smiling and she let go of my hand smiling.

"You are a life saver!"I said when I reached his table. He smiled and held my hand,"Sit."he said.
I sat on the chair next to his.

"So, what are you going to tell them?"he asked me.
"I don't know. What should I tell them?"I sighed nervously.
He smiled and said,"Tell them all the fun we had in Singapore and tell them how you felt and when you fell for me. But skipping Mark's part."
"You want to know how I felt when we were in Singapore and when I fell in love with you, right?"I said narrowing my eyes.
He looked away to hide his embarrassment that he was caught.
"I won't tell them with you around."I teased him.
"Jane, this isn't fair. It's not my fault that I can listen so well. And I really want to know."he said innocently.
"I won't let you know anything!"I teased him and got up from my seat.

I went to Emma and Lily.
"So, what did your boyfriend want now."Emma asked teasing me.
"Nothing. You wanted to know how and when this happened, right?"I asked them and looked at Barry trying to hide my smile. He was looking at me curiously.
He really wants to know. He is so cute.
"Jane, tell us..... We are dying to know that!"Lily said.

I stood on the other side so that I can see Barry's expressions too along with Emma's and Lily's.
I told them how he came to wake me up and how I felt when he untied my pony and fastened my seat belt for me. How I felt when all the girls tried to flirt with him but he just looked at me and no one else. I told them how his stares started affecting me.

Emma and Lily were going awww and all but I was more keen to know Barry's reaction so I kept staring at him. He was smiling, listening everything carefully. He was strring at me too.

When I was finished with my details and was about to go to Barry after excusing myself from Emma and Lily, Barry got a call. After hanging up, he came straight to us.

On seeing him, Emma and Lily said,"Hii!! Barry!! Sorry that we kept you away from your girlfriend!!" They teased him and he smiled at them and replied,"It's ok. She is your friend first then my girlfriend."
"That's true!"Emma said and Lily giggled.
Then he looked at me and said,"Jane, I was thinking that...let's go on a date..."
Emma and Lily were looking at me trying to control their happiness.
"Yes, sure. When?"I asked him trying to hide my blush.
"Now?"he asked.
I just stared at him surprised.

I took a quick shower and got ready. I was wearing a sleek knee length white dress with my hair falling over my shoulders and back.

Barry brought me home and told me that he will come to pick me up after two hours.

I thought two hours will be enough but when I started choosing a dress to wear, I got confused and it took me an hour to just choose a dress. My whole wardrobe was on my bed and so after choosing what to wear, I had to arrange all my clothes back inside.

I wore my heels when I heard car horn. Barry have come to pick me up.

I turned around to go and grab my purse and mobile and saw him standing, smiling holding my purse and mobile.

He looked at me and came towards me. He handed me my purse and mobile and brought his lips to my ears and whispered,"You look so beautiful. The more I look at you the more I fall for you."
I blushed.

He then took my hand and brought me out. He opened the door for me and went and sat in the driver's seat.

I fastened my seat belt when he looked at me making a sad face.

"What happened?" I asked him.
"I wanted to fasten your seat belt. You told your friends that...."he was saying when I interrupted him,"Barry!! Let's go!!"trying to stop him from telling my feeling to me.
He winked at me and I blushed.

We came to a five star dining hotel. He was holding my hand.
I was walking with him. I can see he was staring at me while we were walking. This was making me so conscious of myself that I was looking down.

We came to a table and when I looked up, I saw him sitting there, he was smiling at me nervously.
"Hi, Jane! It's been long time since we last met."he said smiling nervously.

I was shocked to see him here. I looked at Barry.
"Jane, I think you both needed to talk so I called him here. I will leave you two alone."he said and turned to leave when I grabbed his hand tensed. He looked at me and smiled.
"Jane, it's ok. You have to sort out everything now."he said and kissed my cheek and left.

I looked at his back till he was out of sight.

"Jane, sit."the man sitting infront on me said and I sat opposite to him smiling nervously.

Who is he? Why did Barry called him? Is he Mark or someone else?
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