Chapter 16

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"Come on 10 more!" I yelled

20 push ups and they were already

complaining and grunting. Sydney was with a group of girls across the field she was teaching them how to properly put make-up on so.... YEAH RIGHT! She had them doing push ups as well and I mean the ones where you don't have your knees bent touching the floor.

We had decided to split in groups where Sydney had the weak girls that couldn't keep up,Logan had the weak boys,Adrian had both boys and girls that were average,and I had the best... well at least according to this pack.

There were no girls at ALL just boys and even then there were only twenty- seven in my group which was the smallest.

When we first got everyone up and outside we did a little test which required you to do ten push-ups,sit-ups, and two laps around the pack house which was pretty big and this all had to be done under fifteen minutes.

After I gave out the instructions they all had cocky attitudes and smirks saying how easy this would be and that this shouldn't even be required. To say I was satisfied to see the embarrassment on most of there dumb*ss faces when I told them they didn't make it or when I corrected them on how to do something would be an understatement.

"I'm finished" Malcolm called out he was someone who made it right at the last second literally

I had been so busy in my thoughts to notice that most were done just sitting around a few had listened and were already starting on their sit-ups. Which Malcolm started on noticing what a few others were doing.

I walked up to some kid who had the guts to lay down and talk to his friend. I stood above him, but since he had his eyes closed he didn't notice me. I bent down and punched him right in the face.

"What the f***! " he yelled standing up and facing me

His nose was bleeding and his wolf was trying to surface and the idiot wasn't even putting up a fight.

"You f***ing b*tch!" He growled stepping towards me

Everybody grew quiet waiting to see what was going to happen or if I was going to back down. Instead I closed the distance and pushed him back. He growled and shifted in response. He growled and got into a threatening stance. I stood still already prepared for what he was going to do..

He growled and jumped scratching my arm. If I didn't have contacts on, he and everybody else would see my eyes turn red when I looked down and saw blood dripping down my arms.

I used my wolf speed and got right behind him and put my arm around his neck strangling him until he finally gave in and slumped down.

"Like I said yesterday I'm not going to be taking cr*p from anyone I'm here to help and if I catch anyone slacking off while other people are actually trying to train I'm not going to let it slide. Do you understand?" I said through clenched teeth

They all looked at me with dumbstruck faces while a few just looked around as if what I said was unimportant. My wolf was starting to get annoyed and pissed with the disrespect we were getting.

"I said do yo f***ing understand?" I snarled

"Yes." They replied with a few whimpers

"I want Jude, Malcolm, Cody, Trent, Arron, and Toby to come with me the rest of you guys are doing forty sit-ups and six laps around the house." I looked over to Adrian and said "watch them for me and if they try slacking off again double it."

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