A Gay Cameron Boyce

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Disclaimer: I do not know the sexuality of Cameron Boyce, nor should read this if you do not like gay sex.

Justin was a photgrapher who was only 14. Justin looked out his windpw and saw the cutest boy he had ever seen moving in across the street. Justin dreamed about the boy later that night.


To Justin's delight the boy came to his house to intorduce himself th next. The boy intorduced himself as Cameron and he told Justin about his stardom. Anyway Justin told him that he was a 14-year old photographer. Cameron smiled at the thought saying that he needed a photogrher and would love Justin to come to his house the next day to tek pictures. Justin said he would. Little did he know he was about to get the surprise of his life.


Justin headed to Cameron's house. He rang the doorbell.

"It's open," yelled Cameron,"My room is upstair first door on the left."

Justin went upstairs, into Cameron's room where what he saw surprised him. Cameron was laying their on the bed completely naked.

"I guess i should have mentioned I wanted nudies," laughed Cameron.

"I really don't mind," stated Justin.Justin the only photographer that was tan and had six-pack by 14, was overjoyed. Cameron proceded to do what was probaly about 20 poses, but Justin's favroite was the last one; Camreon laid in his back and raised his legs. To Justin the message was perfectly clear; Cameron was gay.

"Turn off the camera," Cameron odered. He then walked towards Justin and got on his knees. Justin unzipped his pants and fed his dick to Cameron. He began to moan. Cameron was really doing a number on his dick. Justin hen told Cameron to let him lay on the bed. Cameron lett him lay on the bed and then faced away from Justin's face as he began to suck his dick again. As Cameron did this Justin rimmed Cameron's ass making him groan. Then Cameron said, "fuck me." Justin laid Cameron on his back and lifted Cameron's legs in the air. He then stuck his dick inside Cameron and Cameron kept shouting "FUCK ME FASTER," and Justin responded beautifully, until he cummed inside of Cameron. This went on for the next 3 days.

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