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Pen Your Pride

Drew Chadwick

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"This is all your fault dammit! Stop blaming me!"

You and Drew always fight. You can't help it. It just came with the relationship and without it, what would your relationship be?

"You're the one that made me late for work by taking a damn shower when you knew I needed to get in there!"

You guys were fighting about random stuff and you don't even remember what the real reason was. It starts with something but ends in a completely different topic. You both still had good moments though.

"Drew. Just shut the fuck up before something happens we will both regret!"

"You know what? Maybe we need a break. You know, so we can find ourselves out. All we do is fight. We never agree on anything and maybe we just need some time. Okay, babe? It's not a breakup but just a little... Vacation. You do you and I'll do me. Okay? I still love you."

"Wow. Really? This is happening? What you got a little mama on the side? Trying to spend a little time with her?", with that, you push him a little. "Actually, you know what? I think we need to break it off completely. I feel like its all turning into a one sided relationship now. I feel like I'm putting my all into something that means NOTHING to you! Do you understand how I feel?", a tear rolls down your cheek. "Do you even take into consideration on how I FEEL about this? I want to help our relationship and make it strong but you just won't let that happen will you? You either bring something up that you know will piss me off or you want to argue with me! Do you not care?"

This is all a little too much for Drew to try and take in. He did understand how you felt but it was in a different way. He was never one good at expressing his feelings on things.

"Fuck Drew! You make me feel worthless. I feel so worthless," you whisper by the end. You wouldn't be surprised if he didn't hear you.

You look up with tears spilling out of your gorgeous eyes and see Drew looking you right in the eye. It's like he feels your pain. He knows what you're going through because he wants the same. He wants to save your relationship and that's why he suggested to take a break. Maybe that's all you guys needed but you took the situation the wrong way. He meant no harm when suggesting it and he feels dumb for asking. So dumb. He regrets it more than you'll ever know.

"Baby. Please! You don't understand. You don't know how I feel. You never ask how I am or what am I thinking. You ask nothing. Do you even care on how I feel about this whole situation? No! No you don't because you never care to listen. When I suggest a break you get butt hurt about and think I'm cheating. I just think we need space. Not a breakup but if that's what you want, fine. We can break it off now," you stare at Drew. He's right. You never did ask him anything because you thought you were only bothersome. You thought he would think you were that clingy girlfriend every guy doesn't want. You thought he would only get mad because you were invading his thoughts and his mind. You never thought it was possible for him to want you to ask him things like that.

"You don't see my side of the story on that buddy boy. I thought you'd only see me as that clingy girlfriend. Or I'm trying to find something out to use on you. You never thought that maybe, just maybe, I never ask because most people don't like getting ask things like that. I didn't want to seem like I wanted to know every single thing on how you're feeling or thinking. I just want to give you space on that topic but look where it got us. Maybe you should of confronted me about it. I would not hesitate to ask anything because I'm a curious person. I just didn't want to ask anything because I thought you wouldn't want me to."

"I didn't think I had to ask really."

"You know what? Fuck this! I'm tired of your bullshit. I'm going to pack and just move. Alright? You don't have to go anywhere."

Drew just watched you run to your room to pack. You kinda wanted him to come after you but you also didn't want to get stopped. You wanted to leave at the moment. You didn't care if you regretted it tomorrow. You get your suitcase out from under the bed and start packing. Memories come rushing back.

You woke up in your California King Bed and felt a breeze. You must of forgot to close the door but you loved the breeze. You stare out the open door and see the sunrise over the ocean. You loved waking up like this every morning. You feel a foot on yours and you giggle. It felt funny! You flip around to face Drew. He looks so peaceful, like nothing can harm him in this state. You love watching the little poop sleep. It sets you at ease. He flips to his back and you take advantage of it. You jump on him but just soft enough to not wake him. You peck his lips and stare at him. He doesn't move at all. You give him another and his lips start to turn up. It's so cute when he smiles in his sleep. You smile and look at him for a little. You admire his looks for just a sec. Damn he was beautiful. You give him a harder kiss and he stirs. You lower your head to his neck and start sucking on it. That'll wake him. You suck a little harder and he moans. "Stop," he mumbles. You know he's still asleep because if he were awake, he wouldn't be saying that. You pick another spot right on his collarbone and suck on it. He loves when you do that. Hands shoot up your red tank too and they squeeze your hips. He arches his back and moans. "Why do you do this to me?", he asks, flipping you so he's hovering over you. You giggle and he lowers his he to give you a passionate kiss. You love mornings like that.

You were having such a bad day. First you woke up late for class and didn't get to shower. Then your car wouldn't start and he was hot as shit out. School was too far away to walk there and Drew was busy for the next hour. It would be no use to go with only 30 minutes left. You just skip for the day and lay back down. Maybe a nap with Mr.Puff the Bear will help this hectic morning. You grab your teddy and hug it. You soon fall asleep in a dreamful world. What seems like minutes ends up in an hour. You awake with arms wrapped around you. You turn around and face Drew. You shove your face into Drew's chest. "I have had the worst day of my life," you mumble in tears. He lifts you face so you look at him. "Baby don't cry. It'll be okay. It's just one day. There's more to come but you'll have amazing days in the making! Lets go for a swim!" He wipes the couple tears that fall. "I don't want to go swim," you mumble. "We are!" He grabs you and throws you over his shoulder. "Put me down!" He doesn't listen and runs out of your bedroom sliding door straight to the ocean. You giggle and then hold your breathe. He throws you in and then dives after you. You surface and look for Drew. "Dr-," before you could call his name you're pulled underwater and lips press to yours. Kisses underwater are the best.

You get all your necessary things and and walk to the door. Tears run down your face as you go. You walk to the door and was about to open but you're flipped and slammed into the door.

"Dammit (y/n)! I'm not letting you leave me. I want you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You're the only one to truly understand me and I'm not letting the best thing that has happened to me get away. I want to work it out. Please?" By the end he's whispering with tears running down his cheeks.

"No. Don't cry babe. Please," you wipe his tears and smile at him through your own.

"Then you have to stop," he says wiping yours away.

"I'm so dumb for overreacting. I'm sorry. I would love to work it out. I do-," before you can finish, Drew gives you a passionate kiss that beats any other you have had.


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