5.9. A Journey Together

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Chapter 5.9

Haya's POV

"Dad! I want to go alone. I hate it when some one interferes in my privacy and that man is seriously a little too nosy"

"Shehry is a nice boy Haya! Stop judging everyone around you" dad complaint and I looked away from his face, annoyed, irritated.... With the fact that now I had a double trouble. Pehley bus Visa ka masla tha ub wo Shehry bhi sr per swaar ho jaye ga. Why can't I go alone?

"Haya beta! your Mom was right okay you need to get more social. You are only 20, why do you behave like a 40 already?" Dad continued as I stayed quiet, looking out from the windscreen.

"I dunno Dad! I just don't like strangers, and you know this" half heatedly I replied and heard him chuckled a little.

"Shehry isn't a stranger and he is not going with you Darling! He is just going to the same place it's a co incidence so relax!" Dad assured me and I heaved up a sigh finding my collage getting closer.

"yeah! Going to the same place, same airline, same aircraft, same day and as far as I can judge we are going to share the same set of seats in the plane as well. No?" I faked a smile as I blabbered and he laughed wholeheartedly.

"dad! am serious I don't want anyone near me" I insisted but he shook his head as he stopped at the signal and looked at me.

"Then how will you bare jawad for the rest of your life?"

"That's different dad!" I tried to be logical but I kept the silly logic inside.

I pulled down the mirror pad and looked at my reflection, ignoring dad. My fingers rank through my hair as I tried to calm their shitt.

I love your curls....

His words rang into my ears and bitterness spread across my tongue. Taking out a catcher from my bag I tied up all my hair in a high bun, it was a tough job like always... my hair, why they have to be so much curly?

"Haya beta! I won't be dropping you to the airport tonight. I think you should go to Shehry's place with Mom and together...

"Dad!" I cut him through as he suggested. "I will manage. I don't want to be imposed on him or anyone else. Please!" I added in a plea as he was about to insist and then he reluctantly dropped the topic.

"thanks" I muttered.

And with that dad stopped the car right in front of the entrance and I bade him a good bye.

"Haya! Haya!"

I just stepped out when I heard James shouting my name at the top of his lungs; I frowned as I saw him running into my direction. Keeping my backpack over my shoulder I walked ahead.

"Where have you been? Why so late?" he complaint as he stopped there almost crashing into me.

"Hello to you too James!" I smiled sarcastically but he ignored me while panting a little.

"Girl! Adam flunked you in applied linguistics" and with that my eyes widened and then narrowed with my mouth half open.

"what the bloody hell!" I cursed as I couldn't believe my ears.

"This can not happen James! My exam was awesome" I cried in disbelief and he rolled his eyes.

"Come and look at the list it's on the bulletin already" James stated and pulled me along with him.

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