Chapter 1: Finding our little girl<3

Smiling, I walked through the door of the orphanage with Eleanor holding my hand. The rest of the band and their girlfriends entered behind me, also all smiling. Young boys and girls ran around us, playing or talking to each other.

Our mission, was to adopt a child or 2. The band had become less popular over the last few weeks after a drinking accident and the “boss” suggested we all adopt a child together, all 5 of us, but with us all engaged or planning on staying with our girlfriends forever, we decided we would all adopt one.

Eleanor and I talked for a while about it. We both wanted a little girl, maybe 3 or 4 years old. I was excited, so excited. I had wanted a daughter for a while now, even if she wasn’t my blood.

I squeezed my soon to be wife’s hand and looked around, looking at the faces of the children. Someone of them backed off, some smiled and some just looked away. A little girl playing alone caught my eye. She had curly light brown hair and bright green eyes. She was dressed in a little teal dress that reached her knees and her knees where bandaged. She played with some blocks; she looked 2 or 3 years old. She had a few teeth, not as many as you’d think a child would have, at least at her age.

A woman approached us, smiling. “Hello!” She waved. “My name is Mrs. Roberts. I am the orphanage runner here. I heard you all are interested in adopting a child?” All of us nodded, still smiling. “Well we gave a range of children from age 2 to 16. Most have been here for a while. Feel free to roam around and talk as you wish. If you find someone, please write down or remember their name and come to me. Have fun.” She handed us all a piece of paper and a pen and left.

I pointed out the little girl to Eleanor and she smiled. I took her hand and walked over to the little girl. When we approached her, she looked up at us and waved. “Hello love.” I said, sitting next to her. “Hewwo.” She looked at Eleanor and me and went back to her blocks.

Eleanor picked one up and put it on her castle. “Do you like blocks sweetheart?” The child nodded and helped Eleanor put a few more on. I watched as Eleanor’s motherly instants kicked in and she looked back and me, nodding.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” I asked. “Nwikola and I 2 ywears old!” She smiled, showing off her shinning little teeth. Eleanor “awed” and played with a strand of her curly hair. “Would you like to come home with us sweetheart and we be your new mummy and daddy?” Eleanor asked. Nikola grinned, jumping up and hugging her neck. “Ywes pwease!” Nikola run over to me and wrapped her arms around my legs.

“Ok, sweetie we will go talk to Mrs. Roberts. Stay here and play with your blocks” Eleanor kissed her head and took my hand. We walked pasted the rest of the guys and their girls, grinning.


We waited anxiously, my knee bouncing up and down, for Mrs. Roberts to  get little Nikolas file out. She came out and smiles, handing me a file to look threw.

Name: Nikola Rose

Age: 2 years old