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You went to the laundry place to wash your dirty clothes. You were carrying your laundry basket and paid to us the washing machine. You walked and used the washing machines far to the right.

After you place your dirty clothes inside the washing machine. you picked up your laundry basket and looked left, you were wondering who that cute dude was. You hardly see him here, not like the other people like Mrs Han and her Husband. Huh. You walked straight ahead but then realised that you left your phone on top of the washing machines so you turned around but right when you turned around, that cute dude was right in front of you, he dropped one of his clothing and it was his boxers, he was so embarrassed so he went and picked it up quickly and looked at you feeling embarrassed.

He looked around, and said sorry to you. 'Mianhe, I didn't realise that you turning around, I thought you were gonna continue walking that direction. He says looking down and up as if he was shy. ' HAHA! it's all good:)' Don't need to worry, oh and I never saw you here before, you new?' I asked. " Oh  haha, yeah.. I just came two days ago with my friends. Oh and by the way, you're really cute!" He says making my cheeks heat up. " Oh. Th- thanks" I say while bowing.

He starts to go near me and asked me if I wanted to go to his house to hang out. I didn't know what to say so I just nodded and said yes. He smirked and quickly pulled me away and went out of the place. ' HEY WAIT! THE CLOTHES!"  I shouted looking back. " We can get it later!" He shouts while feeling excited. Soon, we arrived at his place. " Oh! Who is that angelic woman?" Suga said while looking at me weirdly. I felt scared on what they would do to me. " Just a girl I met while going laundry" he says smiling and winking at them. ' Jimin, be safe! Don't be too hard on her' RapMon says. I was wondering why he said that and I finally know his name. I was getting scared.. ' She looks scared, gwenchana?' says the maknae, JungKook. " Yeah, are you okay? Jimin! you probably scared her" V says while hugging his teddy bear. " Huh? a oh HAHA! I'm fine! I was just wondering who you guys are.. " I say.,Soon they introduced themself. Jimin pulls me harshly and brings me upstairs. " BE CAREFUL WITH HER!" Shouts Jin. Soon, he locks the door and pushes me to the bed. " Wait! What are you going to do?" I shouted. He starts to go near me and goes on top of me while kissing my neck, " Just doing something safe" he says while smiling. I was gonna tel him to get of me until he started kissing down my thighs. I started to groan as he starts to remove my clothes and as he remove his clothes. I was feeling really weird so I didn't bother looking up. Soon he started going in and out of me, going faster and faster. Soon, I started to make lots of sound as well as Jimin."


' I wonder what their doing now' asks JungKook with a curios face. " it's pretty obvious.." Says Suga with an evil grin. The rest stayed serious on their devices and Jin cooking for the little children. While they were busy, Suga and JungKook had a conversation across the room. ' Their currently doing something which is.." Suga was gonna continue until RapMon, Jhope and him coughs right at the moment. RapMon looks at Suga and nodding his head saying no, ' Suga taught me about those stuff last week..' JungKook said with a cute innocent face. Everyone starts staring at Suga except V. Which I think is lost in his own world smiling to himself and making faces on the phone. Soon, JungKook stands up and walks up the stairs big while half up the stairs. Suga coughed and says no with his head, ' I'm just gonna go to the bathroom.." JungKook says smiling. He walks and leans towards the room Jimin and Y/N were in. All of a sudden, Jungkooj statues screaming while running downstairs and starts fangirling all over the place." OH WHAT HAPPENED?" shouted Jhope. " THEIR DOING IT!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! " JungKook shouts while jumping. Suga starts fangirling too and jumps around.


Jimin starts going faster and says sorry for doing it all of a sudden. " I'm so sorry for doing this.... All of a sudden... " *continues moving back and forth* it's just that... You looked so beautiful and I didn't wanna lose you. So I pulled you straight away from the laundry place. " He says. I smiled at him and hugged him while doing it. " I love you" he says. " love you too " you replied.


I went to the laundry place and I saw it all folded up." You left your laundry here! With that young boy! You two started running away all of the sudden! I'm guessing something happened between you two huh?" The woman said while smiling, I thanked her and said goodbye. Soon, happy times was with Jimin.


Hey guys I know I don't really write this type of imagines and I did write it once kinda HAHA but hope you guys like it and if you want this type of imagined again do let me know.

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