Chapter 1

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Three weeks, three weeks was all that was left before we leave to court. Today is the last day of the field experience and to say I'm happy is an understatement. Dimitri was reassigned to Christain (per his request) and I'm still Lissa's guardian. After graduation, we are moving to court so that bitch Tatiana can teach Lissa more about Moroi politics. It was 5 in the morning so the sun will be setting in a couple of hours. I decided to so and take a shower before getting ready. As soon as I got out of the shower there was a knock at the door. 

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. When I opened the door I saw Dimitri standing there with a look of lust in his eyes after he realized what I was wearing. I let him in and as soon as the door was closed behind us I got pinned to the door. 

His lips crashed down on mine, his hands on my hips and running up and down my body. I soon found my hands pulling on his shirt trying to remove it. As soon as things were really heating up  and all self-control was about to be lost he pulled back. I tried to get him to come back, but he still pulled back. 

"Roza I want to continue I really do, but I came to tell you that the Headmistress and Alberta need to see you in a half hour," He stated trying to regain his self-control. 

"What for?" I asked still running my hands up and down his body seeing him tense. 

"Roza, you really have to get ready. And I'm not sure what for." He said still trying to not pin my against the door again.  

"Fine," was all I said before undoing the towel and walking towards the closet to get some clothes on. 

"Roza you are making this really hard on my right now," I looked back as he said that.

 "Do like the view Comrade?" I said while putting on a black lace thong and a black lace bra. "Always," he stated bluntly. 

I had put on some black skinny jeans and a black fitted tank top with a leather jacket. Before leaving with Dimitri, I grabbed both my practice stake for the field experience along with my silver stake Dimitri gave me after the strigoi attack a few months ago. We started to walk over across campus to Kirova's office, it was still only about 7:30 so the sun was just setting.

 I hope this meeting won't take long because I needed to find Christian by 9. When we got to her office I sat down and waited for someone to talk. It had to be five minutes before I spoke up "Okay why the hell am I here?" I looked back to Dimitri who was just standing in the back of the room "Do you know?" I asked. 

"No I Don't Rose," was all he said. 

"Okay then will somebody please tell me what is going on then." 

Alberta started " Well Miss Hathaway, as we all know you have excelled above most guardians twice your age and we have discussed with the queen herself and she agreed that as soon as you graduate we would like for you to remain here and teach along with guardian Belikov. We have made arrangements for Princess Vasilisa and Mr. Ozra to stay and teach as well. The queen will still teach the princess, but she can stay here on campus. She will teach spirit and Mr. Ozra will teach offensive magic to students who wish to learn. So what do you say, Rose, we wanted to run the idea by you and Guardia Belikov first." 

Wow, I never thought in a million years that the very school where I caused so much trouble would want me of all people to teach here. 

"Rose, are you going to say anything?" Kirova asked. 

"Well um, I don't know what to say. It's a lot to think about." 

Alberta spoke again " Well Miss Hathaway would you mind informing us of your decision by the end of the trials. Oh, and will you inform the princess along with Mr.Ozera aswell." 

With that Dimitri and I left Kirova's office. Once we were outside I spoke first. " So Comrade you really had no idea that they were going to offer that?"  "No non, but what do you think about it. Do you want to take the offer?" He asked questionably. 

"I don't know I'll have to talk to Liss and sparky, but what do you want, your part of this you know," I said without meeting his eyes. He abruptly stopped in front of me to where I almost ran into him. 

"Roza looks at me," I looked up into those chocolate brown eyes that always made me melt. "Roza all I care about is you and your happiness I will go with whatever you want Любовь моя."

 I felt the tears welling up in eyes, I felt a single tear slide down the side of my face. Dimitri cupped my face in his hands and wiped the tear away. I didn't know what to say I was the only thing he cares. So I said the only thing  I could think of. 

"Dimitri I love you," I felt him bring me into his arms and whisper into my ear "I love you too." When we pulled apart I quickly looked around to see if anyone saw us but it was still early in the Moroi day so most were still asleep. We still had to keep our relationship a secret till graduation even thou I turned eighteen last week because we were still in the roles of "teacher" and "student"  and he could still get into trouble. Luckey for us graduation was tomorrow after the final trails, which I know sounds stupid considering I have been told multiple times that I'm a better guardian than  Dimitri and that I will be  his superior when I graduate, but I'm still nervous for my trails. This single test will decide my entire future in a few hours and the scares the crap out of me. When Dimitri and I got to my dorm he kissed the top of my head and told me that he loves me and will support my decision either way which made my feel extremely happy. 

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