Prologne (The Propersition)

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(Gemini Davis Is August Alsina)

(Gemini POV)

Call Me Cocky If You Want. But The Names Gemini. Yes Like The Zodiac Sign. Im 21 Years Old And In My 4th Year At Tradewalk Marin University. My Dad Is A Famous Basketball Player, Well Was... He Ended His Days A Year Ago And My Mom Is A Famous Model/Designer So Yeah I Got It Good. Ima Famous Jock Repping That #12 And So Is Most Of The Lady's At This Campus.

I Walked Into The Pizza Parlor And Immediately I Was Greeted By Everyone, Ladies And All. I Clapped A Few Up And Then Went To The Cashier To Pick Up My Order.

"Heeeey Gemm" The Cashier Girl Said To Me.

I Leaned Over The Counter And Said "Hey Dimples" To Her Making Her Giggle. I Called Her Dimples Because She Had Dimples But Mainly Because I Had No Idea What Her Name Was.

"How's Your Day Going?" I Asked Her.

"Fine Now" She Said Cheesing Mighty Hard. I Swear I Dont Know What's So Good About Me That Make Girls Drool Over Me.

"Y'all Should Get A Room" I Heard Someone Say And When I Looked It Was Nun Other Then Taylor Carrying My Orders.

"Hey Let Me Help You" I Said Approaching Her.

"Nope I'm Good Sir" She Said Placing The Boxes On The Counter.

"Damn I'm Sir Now" I Said With My Hands On My Chest Acting Like She Hurt Me.

"Thats How We Greet Our Customers So You Have Always Been Sir" She Said Pushing The Boxes Towards Me. "Have A Nice Day Sir" She Added.

I Swear We Go Thru This Everyday.

"Damn No Good Morning" I Said.

"Seeing You Every Morning Doesn't Make It Good" She Said Printing Out The Receipt.

"Why You So Mean To Me But So Nice To My Cousin?" I Asked.

"Do I Really Have To Explain Why Im Nice To Certain People?" She Said.

"I Guest Not...?" I Added. "But What I Don't Understand Is That We Knew Each Much Longer" I Said.

"It Doesn't Matter How Long You Know Somebody You Know..." She Said Taping My Receipt On The Top Of The Top Box. "Plus We Were Never Friends" She Added.

"Thank You" I Said Picking Up The Boxes And Turning Around To Walk Away.

"You Forgot Your Change" I Heard Her Say.

"Keep It Tay" I Said.

"Taylor" She Said Sounding Annoyed.

Taylor Was Right We Aren't Friends But We've Known Each Other Since Grade School But We Never Got Along But I Always Try To Holla At Her Make Sure She Good But She Always Turn Me Down She Still Got A Grudge From When We Were Kids She Hates My Guts.

"Alright...." I Said As I Made My Way For The Door. I Pushed My Back Against It Pushing It Open. "Tay" I Added With A Smirk And Leaving Before Taylor Could Respond.

I Made My Way To My Car And Decided To Call My Old Lady Up On The Drive Home To See Wassup.

Phone Convo..

Ma - Who's This?

Me - Who Else Ma?

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