[Jojen Reed] A Cold Winter Night {Imagine}

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Hey, this is Izzy, as you probably read in the last authors note. Caitlyn and I decided to switch it up for a change. So we swapped characters and I got to do a Jojen Reed imagine. Hope you enjoy

You were cold, that was all you could think about at the moment as you got as close to the fire as you possibly could without getting burned.

You, Jojen, Meera, Bran, and Hodor had decided to bunk up in a small farm house for a night to get out of the elements. But to you that only magnified the cold. All of you had been traveling for weeks and all were very tired. But you were the only one who couldn't sleep. That was until you saw Jojen in the corner, sitting up against the wall starring over at you.

You walk over and sit close to him, leaning your head on his shoulder and putting your hands in his to try and keep warm.

"Y/N, you are freezing darling. Take my cloak and cuddle up with me. You need to warm up." He whispers as he undoes the cloak and drapes it around you, pulling you into his lap as he does so.

"Thank you Jojen, your too kind." You whisper back as you snuggle into his chest.

You had to admit, the sexual tension between the two of you had been building since you left Winterfell. But the two of you were to slow to react. Plus it would piss Meera and Bran off that the two of you were off shagging in your free time.

Even with the attraction he had never took you into his arms like this, not this close. Your eyes looked with his own and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Leaning in and kissing him for the first time ever.

No, it wasn't perfect, but sparks flew and your body already started to heat up. You moved to straddle his lap and lean further into his chest as his hands went down to the small of your back.

"Y/N, should we be doing this? What if my sister wakes up. What if Bran sees?" Jojen says as You start to undo your top.

"Jojen, you said I needed to warm up, didn't you? Then help me darling, warm me up." You whisper in his ear as You kiss down his neck. Putting his hands against your chest as You slowly grind into him. Making him moan with pleasure. Obviously trying to keep quiet.

"You are a naughty girl, did you know that?" He whispers as he takes off your top and touches you up and down.

"I knew, but did you?" You giggle and undo his trousers. He was very aroused at this point and you felt proud that you did that to him.

"Y/N, I've never done this before, I'm so nervous." He says as You stroke him up and down.

"Before this I was a lady of Winterfell, do you think I know what I'm doing either?" You smile and kiss him deeply as you pull down your trousers and throw them to the side.

"Tell me if I hurt you and I'll stop." He says as you like yourself up with his erection.

"I would never want you to stop, that's why I'm on top, no risk of that happening. I'm in charge." He nods and looks you over with lust. Kissing down your neck and breast as you rub against him without the friction of cloth. Making him have to bit your shoulder to prevent from screaming out in pleasure.

You slowly lower yourself onto him, biting your lip so hard it bleeds to prevent from screaming. But you slowly start to rock back and forth on him as he moves his hands delicately over your body.

"Oh Jojen." You moan out quietly as you start to go fast on him.

He pulls you closer so that your chest is flush with his own. You kiss down his neck and shoulders.

"Y/N, faster. Please." He whispers in your ear as his touches get a little rougher than before. And you get a little needier.

You go faster and grip onto his shoulders, soon feeling yourself get closer to your peak. You could see that he was close as well.

You both release at the same time and kiss passionately to keep your moans down.

You lay in his arms panting as he wraps you up in his cloak. "Well Jojen, you did your job. I'm very warm now." You giggle and kiss him once more before falling asleep in his arms.

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