Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ Amusement Park (Part Three)

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*Harry's POV*

"So, you kissed her, lad?" Louis asked, walking over to me. We had all decided to go to the water park so the girls and boys had split up to change. Of course, being boys, it had taken us about two minutes while the girls had been in there for about ten.

I smiled and looked at him. "Yeah, I did."

Liam walked over and said, "More like he hyperventilated, Scarlet kissed him, then he kissed her."

"Shut up." I retorted "At least I kissed her. You haven't even told Hazel you like her, let alone acted like you do!" I shivered as the clouds covered the sun, taking away the warmth and leaving me freezing and soaked.

"She doesn't even like me that way." he said glumly, slipping into the wave pool with me.

"Why would I tell her my feelings?"

I gasped at him and Louis said, "LiLi, you've officially become more stupid than Niall." Niall started laughing at that. I heard squealing and flinched at the horrific sound, looking up to see a group of girls looking at us. I waved at them, making them jump and wave back. l looked at Paul and the other guards who were standing near our chairs we'd claimed and were watching the girls. Even if Steve, Colton, Jeffrey, and Dominic were just guards for the park, they were excellent at their jobs. We'd been chased by girls one time today and they were able to hide us quickly. We'd been surrounded by fans three times and they'd been able to keep them back so that none of us would get hurt. Though, Aqua had been clawed at by a few jealous fans.

"Um, guys?" Zayn asked. I looked at him and noticed he was staring at something. I turned my head in the same direction and my breath caught in my throat when I saw all of the girls coming towards us. Oh. My God.

"Holy fu-" Before Niall could finish that sentence I slapped my hand over his mouth.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence," I said, glaring at him. I hated curse words. I felt him lick my hand and jerked away, wiping it on his shoulder with a grimace. I left him and began walking towards the girls. I wanted my Scarlet.

*Scarlet's POV*

I looked in the bathroom mirror, making sure I looked alright and that my bathing suit was covering up all the necessary places. When you're walking around with a world famous boy-band, it's guaranteed that people will take pictures of you, and l prefer for my boobs or ass cheeks not to be all over magazine covers.

"So, what was it like?"

"How long did it last?"

"Did you like it?"

The girls kept pestering me with questions about mine and Harry's kisses. I spun around and glared at them. "Guys, Why does it matter?!"

"Because we're girls. duh!" Hazel said as if it was a completely obvious answer.

"We're supposed to talk about this stuff and freak out over it."

"She's right." Eleanor said, "So if you don't spill the beans I'm going to smack you. And l mean it!" I sighed in defeat and dragged them over to a bench that was in the changing rooms.

I smiled at the thought of Harry and I kissing and said, "There was definitely something there. it's like....Okay, this is going to sound cliche, but there were fireworks and all that fairy tale jazz. Best kiss I've ever had!" Hazel and Aqua hugged me while Wynter and Eleanor started doing happy dances togerher.

"I knew you guys would have something for each other" Hazel exclaimed in my face. I rolled my eyes and playfully put my finger on her forehead, pushing her away.

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