I'm Ashley Febray, a 13-year-old witch. Yes, you heard right, I'm a witch. Although nobody seems to care since I really never got my letter to Hogwarts when I turned 11, and I now live in the streets homeless and without my parents.        

        If you're wondering how I know I'm a witch and not a squib is because I've used my magic before; I started trying to control it when I was 5. That was the day my uncle, who I thought was my father, told me the real story about my parents. He told me they were killed a few months after I was born by a terrible type of dark wizard called a deatheater and he was named Lucious Malfoy, by orders of his 'lord' the stupid Voldemort. He told me that and more wizard stores a month before he died because of cancer. My uncle wasn't a wizard. He told me was a muggle, my mother's brother actually. 

        My mom was what they call a 'mudblood' but I hate that term. I mean actually I've come to think 'mudbloods' are superior to wizards, since if you have wizard parents you are 99% sure you'll be a wizard, but if you have muggle parent you prove you're special by being one. But some 'purebloods' are just to conceited and don't see that.

        After my uncle died I stayed with my aunt (she didn't know anything about me being a wizard) and she sent me to school to study. That was her worst mistake. That school ruined my life. Nobody would be friends with me because around me weird stuff tended to happen, but I mean come on! I could not control it! The only person ever to be nice to me was a boy I'll never forget, his name was Harry. But his cousin Dudley was our worst nightmare. He made me who I am today, a freak who doesn't like talking,  or even looking to another person, so.... I was alone all times except for Harry. 

        He was nice to me since his cousin was cruel to him too. But I only lasted in that school until I was 11. Why? Because that year Harry didn't come back, he had transferred to another school with Dudley or something. But that wasn't the only reason, it was because I thought I would at last get away to Hogwarts, but no such luck, my letter never came. So when the terrible news of my aunt dying due to a heart-attack reached me... I ran away to the streets, struggling to keep alive hopping to find some wizard to help me, and stopping trying to control, or use my magic...until today.

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