Luigi's Mansion Beta Disk

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Hello there,

How much do you know about the game Luigi's Mansion?

Better question, how much do you THINK you know about it?

Have you ever looked up the beta version of the game?

Well I've always been fascinated with beta games. I know about them all, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie, and many more. The changes they make from the beta versions to the final versions are quite significant.

So recently after playing Luigi's Mansion I noticed that I had no dirt whatsoever on that game. So I looked up the beta and quickly fell in love with it. I have connections with gaming stuff, my best friend being a rare game collector and my brother owning a game shop. I never actually thought about playing a beta game before until I heard my friend got a copy of the Luigi's Mansion beta.

“No way, this can’t be possible,” I thought to myself. “What are the odds that he could have gotten the unreleased ideas for the original Luigi's Mansion?”

Of course with him being a collector he focused more about having it in his possession rather than playing it. He knew about my love for the beta game so he let me borrow the copy of it for a little while. It was like a different game, so many things had changed between the beta and final version.

I saw a clock where the Gameboy horror was supposed to be, I knew about that feature & accepted the challenge. Also I saw the overheat meter, so I couldn't use the Poltergust for very long or else it would hurt Luigi. I was intrigued greatly by all these changes. The ghosts were different colours and the music was more 8-bit, I wasn't bothered at all, I loved it. After clearing through the first couple of rooms on the left hallway everything went normally, it played fine. Had a couple of overheating moments here and there but nothing major. I went into Chauncey's room, I sucked up the last ghost but in the process my Poltergust overheated.

 "God damnit!” I shouted at the game.

Further examining the situation I noticed Luigi's head was a bit odd. I leaned in forward looking at the back of his injured, pixelated head. There was a fatal looking wound there, it was disgusting. The back of his head was blown completely off. Parts of his brain were visible and each time I walked you could see blood drip from the back of his head. It was like someone took a mace to the back of his head and smashed it violently, he dripped like a sink that was never turned off all the way. It was pretty freaky I have to admit, but he still controlled normal, everything was going along without any sort of change so maybe it was a glitch. I continued on with my journey as the back of Luigi's head dripped small drops of dark red blood; I went into the parlor aiming to clear the rest of the rooms on the second floor. I walked in and a lamp exploded, it made me jump but I was aware of that add on.

The freaky thing was after the lamp exploded; Luigi screamed and covered his face for a brief moment. I spun him around seeing what was wrong and his face was cut. Little spouts of blood trickled down his cheeks yet he didn't seem bothered. It spewed out a little as if someone had turned on a water fountain of pure maroon coloured blood. Now I'm getting creeped out, but still it was very intriguing to me. I walked down the hallway that would be deemed as the beginning of area two. I saw a puff of cloud behind me, and then out shouted a ghost as Luigi was scared off his feet. He began to do a reverse crabwalk across the floor in terror, another concept I knew about so it didn't feel out of place to me. After Luigi arose from his cowarding position, I walked to the basement area. Luigi walked down the first staircase then I tried activating the sliding ability, so he did.

Luigi Slid down the stairs but landed on his feet with his ankles shattered on contact. A thunderous crack was heard; he screamed loudly and grabbed a hold of his leg rocking back and forth. “Odd;” I said to myself rather perplexed at the situation, he stopped holding his leg and a cutscene triggered. The camera was focusing on Luigi with frontal view and the stairs stood behind him. He slowly grabbed the rail and stood up. Then Luigi started mumbling to himself “no, no, NO NOOOOOOO!” the camera panned over to show an armada of ghosts in the corner.