Chp1. "You'll come around, they always do"


"Look it was just a kiss okay, calm your ass down" I hear Austin Mahone say accross the lunch room to none other than his current whore of the week. The whole lunch room now facing both of them.

"Just a kiss? Are you kidding me?" the girl, whatever her name is snaps back at him.

"Chill, it's not like we're fucking dating. You're not my girlfriend. I made it real clear to you before you got involved with me that I don't do relationships so suck it up" Austin Mahone says harshly to the girl making her cringe a little. The girl doesn't say anything back knowing that if she did she'd be done for good. Everyone knows not to mess with Austin Mahone.

A small grin appears in the corner of Austin's mouth knowing that he has won yet another challange, the usual to him I suppose. He then nods slowly to the girl he had been fighting with a couple seconds ago. As he makes his way out of the lunch room he makes sure he bumps shoulders with the girl as he whispers into her ear loud enough for everyone to hear "I don't even know your name... but you were good last night" he winks at her making her face burn bright with embarrasement and fury. And with that he dissapears.

What you just witnessed right there was Austin Mahone. Rumor has it that he's not human.. whatever that's supposed to mean. I just laugh at the though of that. He does the unthinkable. I actually have one class with him, art. Of course he doesn't even know we have that class together and honestly I hope he never even finds out. I've heard that he's gone on random shootings sprees and that's why he barely shows up to school. I've also heard that he onced robbed a bank sometime last year and got away with it. I've seen lots of kids from school hanging by his locker in the morning and usually after lunch as well. They're all secretive about it too, forming a huddle around him. I always thought they were his usual friends considering he's pretty big in town and by pretty big I mean everybody knows him. That's until Macy, my best friend once told me he actually would sell drugs to them. Whatever it is I don't really want to know or find out.

"What a good show before lunch ends right?" Macy lets out a small chuckle as she sets her brown eyes on me. I let out a small sigh I didn't know I was holding in and nod once. She was right it was a nice entertainment we got before we head back to class or should I say we all got. Picking up my belongings from the table I get ready for my next class which just happens to be art.

"I'll see you around Macy, I've got class now" I slowly smile to her as she waves to me and I exit the lunch room and head to my locker. Luckily Andrew or as he likes to be called Drew is already there waiting for me. Drew is my best friend apart from Macy. He's a fucking man whore, as much as I love him he is one and he knows it too. Not as big as Austin Mahone alright but he's getting there. But with the looks he's got he basically has a reason to be one. His deep ocean blue eyes look brightly at me and gives me one of his famous cheeky smiles, I smile back as I reach reach there. "C'mon hurry we don't want to be late" he says gretting me and grabs my arm as we both walk in to the empty class room. I take my usual seat, setting all my books down.

"How's my favorite girl?" He teases. "Drew, stop" I can't help but smile back at his cheesy comment. "Wow, okay. You just love breaking my heart don't you Mia?" he grins letting me know that he's only joking.

"Hey Drew,"

"Yeah?" he looks up.

"Can you give me a ride after school maybe, please?" I ask him sweetly. Apprently something from dad's work has come up and now he can't pick me up from school like he usually does. I told him I would be fine with walking since my house isn't really that far from school but now that I end up looking outside I realize that it's about to rain.