[Joffrey Baratheon] A Queens Duty {Imagine}

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A/N: Hey guys,

Izzy and I have decided to do an imagine and have a swap character so im writing this Joffrey imagine and Izzy's writing a Jojen imagine next part. Warning this imagine and izzys do have smut if you don't like that don't complain just don't read.

~ Caitlyn


Your extremely nervous it's your wedding day and you are currently smiling your way through the feast. You have just wed the evil king Joffrey Baratheon and afterwards he is to bed you and take your virginity claiming you as his own.

He roughly grabs your thigh and smirks at you "Are you ready Y/N?" he asks. You take a deep breath and nod "Of course my King" you say as Tyrion announces the bedding ceremony and you are whisked away to Joffreys chambers.

"Come here Y/N let your king take off your gown" he says and grips your hips hard making you wince. He pins you down on the bed and kisses down your neck harshly leaving hickeys and bruises. He roughly rips off your gown groping your ass and you can't help but moan a little.

That's when you realize you have to please your king or you will regret it the rest of your life when he beats you, You grind up against him making him let out a moan. You grip his manhood and stroke fast his eyes roll into the back of his head and he moans so loudly you know your doing it right.

Joffrey immediately pins you down again and cuts of your undergarments with his hunting knife, He nips at every spot of skin he can reach making you scream. He covers your mouth with his hand and kisses down your neck, breasts, stomach and finally your womanhood making you moan.

"Don't make too much noise" he whispers in your ear as he pounds into you so forcefully the bed shakes. You scream from pain because it hurts a lot but.. then again it feels pretty good too. You grind up against his chest making him moan and groan from pleasure as he pounds into you again equally forceful. 

Of course soon he runs out of energy collapsing on top of you both of you heavily panting. "Can we do that every night Y/N" he asks lustfully "of course" you mutter  back still trying to catch your breath.

You knew from that moment on you and Joffrey were going to have a lot of fun as husband and wife.

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