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As me & Destiny laughed at jokes we made I turned on the T.V. The news came on . "Breaking News , we have found out who murdered Chresanto August . There might be a possibility that it was his recent girlfriend . Her name is Yn -" within that I turned off the T.V. Destiny looked at me and asked "Are they talking about you ? Are you the murderer ?" Ray & Prod came out the kitchen and was now listening to the conversation . "Pfffffft . Gurrrrrrl , do you know how many people that are named Yn ?! It can be anybody . " I said trying not to make it noticeable . "Are you sure ?" Destiny turned back on the T.V. and saw a picture of me & Roc at the red carpet . "Well , that lady looks exactly like you , except for the hair ." I snatched the remote and turned off the T.V. "Does It matter ?! Prod , I think I would need you and your girlfriend to leave . Immediately ." "Alright , Ray call me when you tell her ." "Alright , got it ."

I watched as Prod & Destiny left . "Are you sure ?" This girl must really wanna get on my bad side . "Prod , please ." Prod carried Destiny to the car and left . Now , I gotta deal with Ray . "Ray , so what was Prod talking about ?" He looked up at me and walked over to me . "Babe , don't get mad at me when I show you this and tell you this but ...." He showed me his arm . It was marked up with cuts . Rayan Lopez ?! Cut himself are you serious ?! "R-ray , why ?" "That's not it babe , I've been doing drugs . Prod suggested for me to go to rehab till I get better ." I was crying , I mean like why Ray ?! What am I supposed to do without him ?! I don't know how long it's gonna take for him to get better . "Babe , I gotta do what's right for me . I gotta go . I'm leaving today ." "Rayyyyyy , noooo ." I whined . He began packing bags and said "I'm coming back , don't worry . I'm doing what's best for me . I can't be around Jr. like this ." He called Prod .

Prod came within minutes . "Here I go , bye babe . I love you ." He passionately kissed me and hugged me . Then he left . I watched them drive off . I closed the door and went to check on Jr. He was awake . I fed him and changed his diaper . "Whaaaaaaaa ." Why is this baby crying ?! I patted his back so he could burp . That caused him to stop crying . As I was in the rocking chair rocking Jr. back to sleep . There was a knock on the door . I brought Jr. with me . I opened the door and it was the cops . Oh gosh . "Ma'am may we come in please ." "Sure ." I stepped to the side to let them walk in . They sat down on the sofa and so did I . "Ma'am we're just gonna have to ask you some questions alright ." "Okay" "Miss , we know you are Yn Ln . So , no need to lie . We need to know the last time you saw Mr. August ." I saw Roc appear . He mouthed to bring Jr. upstairs . Then , do the business . "At the movies sir ." "Now , tell the truth when we ask you this , did you kill him ?" Ughhh . I guess I'm gonna have to handle some business . "Excuse me sir , let me just go bring my son upstairs . I'll be right back ." I brought Jr. upstairs and closed his door. I went into me & Ray's room and got a gun that was in my dresser .

I quietly went back into the living room and went behind both of the cops . I took out another gun from under the couch . BANG . I pulled the trigger on both of them . Blood splattered everywhere . I got two plastic garbage bags and put them in there . I tied it up and drove to the pier . SHIT . I forgot I left Jr. by himself . See , this is the reason why I need Ray here . Luckily no one was at the pier so I threw both of the garbage bags in the ocean . I ran to my car and sped home . I ran upstairs and checked on Jr. Good he was still there . I cleaned off the couches real good then brought Jr. back downstairs . I held him and sat down and watched T.V. Roc came over . " I think it's time for you to move again . They're after you . I know I'm supposed to actually be bothering you but you're my baby mother ." Mmmm . "I rather you go send Jr. to Day Day , because you'll have to be in the run ." "Nigga , my child ain't going no where until he's able to ." "Bitch , he's my child too ."

By the way Roc talked to me so aggressively turned me on . "O-okay ." He chuckled and said "I still got it ." By now , Jr. was asleep . I brought him to his room and went into mines . I laid down and then Roc appeared again . He sat on the edge of the bed . "What do you want ?" "You ." "E-excuse me ?" Is he really serious ?! "Whatever Roc ." I fell asleep with him there . My dream was crazy . Roc and I were on my bed . I was laying down and he came over and put his hands around my waist . I turned around and said "Roc , no . Leave me alone . Just because I'm your child's mother doesn't mean we can have sex whenever you want ." He didn't say nothing . He just stared . But , the funny thing was he was alive . He kissed me . I kissed back . He took of my clothes one by one . He kissed my inner thighs .

He kissed my kitty , teasing me . "Stop teasing me Rocky ." He chuckled . He liked when I called him "Rocky" or "Daddy" . He started to eat me out . I didn't wanna wake Jr. so I managed to hold in my moans and tightly grabbed the sheets . After he was done he kissed all the way up to my stomach and paused . He continued to go up and started to kiss me again . As he kissed me he entered what he calls "Roczilla" into me . He thrusted in and out of me teasing me again . "Roccccc ." He knew what that meant . He picked up his speed . The headboard was hitting the wall . I wanted to take control for once . I put my hands on his chest and pushed him . Now , I was on top . His face had a smirk on it . I started to ride him . "Damn , Yn . I should've let you take control all the time ." I started grinding on him . "Oh , God ." he said while holding on to my hips .

We went on for about an hour . When I woke up I looked around and checked my body to see if the dream was really real . I was wrapped up in sheets . I looked under the sheets to see my naked . Wait .... did he just really have sex with me ? What ?! But , how ?

This story is almost finished but , don't worry . There's gonna be a sequel .


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