Project Fat Suit One Shot

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I decided to write one just for fun. (Even though the deadlines tomorrow) I've never written one before so don't judge me :-)



PFS one shot

Uranus decided to drag me to the hospital. When we got there I refused to go past the reception desk. Could you blame me though?

At first I thought I wanted to go, to find out what was happening but as we drove I was filled with fear and chickened out.

"I'm not going, can you please take me home?" Uranus looked at me in disbelief

"Rena, come on you'll be fine" I looked at him shaking me head crossing my arms

"No, I'm not going"he looked at me sighing in defeat

"You let me drive all the way here then you decide you don't want to go in?" I nodded

"Come on Uranus stop being a... well anus" he looked at me raising his eyebrow before walking out of the hospital

"Thanks" he looked at me

"Yea sure"

We were driving in silence besides Sam's outburst every once in awhile.

I realized he passed my house and I decided to speak up

"My house is that way" I say pointing backwards

"I'm not taking you home" I sighed not even bothering to fuss with him

Once we stopped I realized we were stopped at Holly's house.

Which wasn't a good thing.

I got out only for Uranus to drive off leaving me stranded

'Anus' I mumbled walking towards Holly's house ringing the doorbell

"Rena your here!" She yelled grabbing my hand pulling me towards her car. Unfortunately I had no where else to go and no way home so I just got in.

A half and hour we ended up at the mall and my eyes widened

"Holly, I don't have my suit" she smiled rolling her eyes

"It's fine no one will notice you come on retail therapy should help you cape" I sighed following behind her

'But I don't like shopping' I mumbled

"What was that?" I looked up shaking my head

"Nothing" she smiled grabbing my hand dragging me through the door

We went into some store I didn't even make an effort to look at the name, I was bored already.

"Oh come on at least look around" I looked at Holly sighing looking at one shirt checking the price tag looking interested

"Ok I'm done" she looked at me rolling her eyes and I smiled not that it helped me

"Come on we'll try another store maybe you'll find something" I sighed getting up walking out the store behind her instantly regretting it

"Serena? Serena Davidson is that you?"

Uh oh......


I hope you enjoyed it :-)

Thanks for reading!

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