Insane Munchingbrotato x suicidal reader

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Y/n pov

I sat alone in a heavily wooded forest. Alone. Crying. Holding a knife. No one cared about me. No one loved me. So...what was the point in living if you hate it? So now what? I was planning to stab myself. I gruesome suicide. But at least it would be over. I held the knife in front of my stomach, preparing to force into my chest. I closed my eyes, taking it in. Just before I could drive the blade into my chest, someone grabbed it, yanking it away. I snapped my eyes open, starring into red eyes. It was a boy, around the same age of me. He had brown hair and wore a grey and red checkered shirt. Something was off about him. Maybe it was his red eyes, the cuts around his body, or maybe the blood on his shirt that didn't look like it was his? I starred at him in fear. He scowled at me, "What a waste of blood. If anyone's bleeding it't from my knife." He glared at me, crossing his arms. "Now." He said in a monotone voice, "That's not a good idea, you know." A sudden anger flooded in, "What do you know!? You don't know how I feel! You don't know what happened!" He gave a smile, Speeking calmly, "I do know. I know what it feels to be hated. Criticized. Even trying to kill yourself. I know more then you think." I hesitated, tears brimming my eyes. "I also know the mood swings." He sat beside me, holding his arms out. Instantly, I hugged him, bursting into tears. He held me in his arms, wiping the tears away. He smiled, "Wanna know how I got these scars?" (*Calmly waiting for Joker puns*) He rolled up his sleeves, revealing what looking like hundreds of thin white lines. "H-how?" I said in a hushed tone. "These," He started, "Are failed attempts to end my life. And every time I failed, I realized how much I actually liked living. Something you need to keep close to you." "Wh-what do you mean?" "Well," His sweet smile turned into a wicked smirk, "Someone could try to take it from you." He pulled something out of his pocket, a knife. I attempted to shove him away, however, he swung his other arm around my waist, pressing me against his chest. I freaked out more, struggling and trying to get away. At one point with my struggling, I some how ended up on his lap. He managed to hold me still, pressing the blade to my neck. "S-stop!" I gasped. He simply smiled, "Why?" "I-I do-don't....I-I d-don't.." "Want to die?" He finished. I nodded quickly. He smiled more, putting the knife away. He still held me against his chest, on his lap. "Calm down." He whispered, wrapping both arms around me. I calmed down slightly, shaking still. "So, you want to live?" I nodded. "But you just tried to kill yourself. Why bother struggling to live if you don't want too?" I didn't have an answer, I didn't know. I truly didn't know. "See, that's what I mean. You don't want to die. So, live your life." I smiled slightly, he was right. And it only took a knife to the neck to realize. As horrifying as that sounds. "What's your name?" I asked quietly. "Tyler. Yours?" "Y/n." He smiled once more (*Has said smiled fifty times*), "You have something too live for now." I thought about that. And then I hugged him. 

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