Chapter 9

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Stiles pov 

"Derek he is not going to shoot you or anything I mean he knows you're a werewolf cause he knows Scott is one." I said Derek was pacing." he's right all you really have to think about is if he'll accept you and Stiles being together." Scott said from where he was standing beside Isaac. Isaac was frowning. I sighed turning back to face Derek. I walked up to him taking his hand." Believe me when I say this you will not be hurt." Derek looked me in the eye a frown was still on his face. " fine but only because of you." He said a small smile on his lips. " we're going to stay here okay." Derek shrugged pulling out Of the house. "Derek?" He stopped walking and turned to face me." What's wrong." I sighed." Since Isaac likes Scott don't you think that he's his mate" Derek took my hand again walking toward my car." Not necessarily sometimes werewolf s don't know they have a mate like Jackson and Lydia she's not a werewolf but Jackson is so that's his mate."

I nodded getting in the car. He followed. Here we are in the way to tell my dad everything. " okay bit still I know Scott and I think he's feeling something for Isaac." Derek shrugged." He's just going to keep denying it until it becomes too hard to contain it."  

Isaac's pov 

I really messed up this time. Scott won't even talk to me. Seriously I thought he liked me and it would literally tear me to pieces if he said he hated me. "S-Scott." He turned toward me with a small smile on his face. "Isaac it's fine I'm flattered really but we're friends okay. So how's dealing with Derek twenty four seven?" Seriously he's a pain." He's annoying but now I understand why he was angry all he wanted was Stiles." I said Scott chuckled. " yeah I mean all he had to do was ask Stiles what he thought." I looked at Scott and my eyes immediately moved to look at his lips. I turned away from him getting up." Isaac you okay?" I shook my head. I can't be near him all I want...all I want is to kiss him. " I'm tired I'm going to go to sleep." He nodded." Alright." I couldn't have gotten out of there faster. I sat on my bed my head in my hands. Why did I have to like him why couldn't I like Danny. Danny. That's right he did have a crush on Jackson for a while but now I don't know maybe I could get his number from Stiles when he comes home.

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