Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ Amusement Park (Part Two)

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*Scarlet's POV*

  "Come on, Harry, please" I begged. We'd been at the amusement park for about three hours now and everyone was going on the biggest roller coaster, but he refused.

He shook his head with his arms crossed and feet planted firmly on the ground.

"You go have fun  I'll wait with the guards," he offered. Well, guess it's time to be stubborn.

I sat down in the middle of the walk way. I could hear the others quietly laughing but I kept a straight face.

"I don't want to ride if you don't," I sighed. "So I guess I'll just have to miss out on the ride I've been dying to go on." I think my fake guilt trip worked because his expression was conflicted.

He shook his head, walked over to me, and faced away while bending his knees. "Get on. Let's go" I cheered and jumped on his back so that he could carry me to the ride. We all walked into the long line and waited for our turn to come.

*Fifteen Minutes Later*

Harry was shaking like a leaf in the wind and I felt kind of bad, Oh well. Too late now since we are already strapped in. "You're so dead when this thing is over." Harry mumbled. I giggled and patted his hand reassuringly.

When he tried to lace his fingers With mine, I pulled my arm away "I don't think so Styles. You'll squeeze the shit outta my hand." He pouted and went back to shaking nervously. I sighed and grabbed his hand, turning away to cover my smile when he grabbed hold instantly. Harry and I were in seats near the middle of the carts, Aqua and Niall were in a cart behind us, Liam and Hazel were in front of us, while Louis and El had taken the front cart with Wynter and Zayn behind them. The ride started moving and Harry cursed under his breath. "It'll be alright." I told him.

The ride began moving and making a clinking sound as it went up hill. Harry's grip was tighter but it wasn't hurting me We climbed higher and higher into the sky and I could here Aqua squealing with anticipation. I felt myself being turned face down and then we dropped, causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach like a tidal wave. I screamed with joy as we raced along the track, wind hitting my face and blowing back my loose strands of hair. The track slowed down a bit so that we could turn and I readied myself for the next drop and climb. Only the climb never came.

My sealed eyes peeled open and I saw that we were sitting on the track, not moving. What the hell is going on? "Wh-why dld we stop?" Harry asked nervously.

I shook my head "I don't know. Hold on." I turned around in my seat and looked at a confused Niall and Aqua. "What do you think happened?"

Aqua shrugged "Something probably happened with people in the cart at the starting place and they had to stop the whole track." I nodded and ran my thumb over Harry's knuckles so that he would possibly calm dow.n He seriously looked like he was on the verge of hyperventilating.

The speakers turned on and l heard a woman say, "Passengers, sorry for the stopping of the ride. There were some technically difficulties that are being handled at the moment." when there was a click, signaling the end of her message, everyone on our ride began talking in worried voices, except Harry. I could hear Liam reasuring Hazel that everything would be okay and Aqua and Niall were trying to think of what went wrong.

I don't know what Zayn and Wynter were doing, but I heard Louis yell, "Somebody needs help! Superman is here!" and then Eleanor cracking up, But Harry still wasn't talking. I looked at him to make sure he was okay and gasped. He was looking everywhere and breathing very quickly. He was whimpering quietly every now and then and was shaking worse than before.

"Harry," I cooed. "It's gonna be alright."

"Why did you make me ride this?!" he asked. He needed to calm down before he passed out or something. But what would make him calm down when his biggest fear was real? Then it clicked in my brain as I was helplessly watching him. He had nothing to distract him and it was going to be hard to distract him. So I did the only thing I believed had a good chance of working. I gently cupped his face with my hands and pressed my lips to his. Not exactly the situation I had imagined of kissing him in, but who cares? Besides the feeling of him calming down, fireworks and bombs were going off.

I pulled away and he smiled. "What was that for?" he asked, his voice deep and scratchy.

"You were about to pass out and l needed to distract you. I'm sorry if I shouldn't have-" I was cut off when he kissed me again.

"It's alright, love." His eyes were sparkling (not literally) and he had a goofy, yet cheeky, grin on his face. "I never said I didn't want you to do that."


My head snapped sideways to see Aqua and Niall staring at us. Since there were three different voices, I turned to see Liam and Hazel watching us, too, I blushed and covered my face with my hands.

"LOUIS, UOU DON'T HAVE HARRY ANYMORE" Aqua shouted and I smacked her arm.


"Nope!" Hazel put In "HE'S ALL SCARLET'S NOW" Everything got quiet for a moment

"N0 PDA!" he yelled. By now, we'd attracted some attention and I buried my red face in Harry's chest. I felt his chest shake when he laughed and I smiled. The ride suddenly started moving again and we all cheered. When it pulled into the place where we get off, Harry was the first one oflthe ride. He ran over to Paul and I laughed when he jumped in Paul's arms. That boy is so special.

*Wynter's POV*

My mind was still trying to process what just happened. We were on the ride when it stopped Zayn and I started wondering what was going on and when we'd start moving again Then I here Aqua telling Louis that Harry is all Scarlet's. What does that mean? Whatever. I walked over to the bin to get my bag and joined all the other girls. They were all talking quietly and quickly.

"Hey?" I said In a question form.

Their heads snapped to me and Aqua and Hazel whispered loudly at the same time, "SCARLET AND HARRY KlSSED!" My mouth feel open and I looked at Scarlet. I tackled her in a hug and started jumping around.

"What was It like?!" I asked.

She got this dreamy look on her face and I knew she had it B.A.D. "Fireworks," she simply said.

We all looked to see the boys walking over to us with Paul and the other body guards and we took off running past people. We needed to talk about this before the boys heard us. We ran a little ways away from the exit and sat at a table. "Spill." Eleanor said

"Well, since Harry is afraid of roller coasters he was like on the verge of passing out when it stopped. I wanted to calm him down and distract him so... I kissed him," Scarlet explained. "And l apologized and he kissed me again."

"AWWW" I exclaimed and hugged her again. "That's cute!" She laughed nervously.

"What's going on here?" Liam asked as he walked over to our table with the other boys. We shrugged and everyone looked at Harry. Eleanor whispered to Louis what we'd missed while I did the same with Zayn.

"YOU GUYS KlSSED?!" they asked at the same time, looking back and forth between Harry and Scarlet. Harry blushed and nodded while Scarlet hid her face in her shirt. Louis started fake crying and said, "I will get my revenge, Parker!"

"Let's go do something else. But I'm not getting on one of those bloody things again." Harry warned.

"Water park" Eleanor yelled. We all agreed and began walking there, our body guards keeping the fans away.  Of course the boys signed some things, though.

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