Along Came A Spider...

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Ok, warning, not really a fanfic for a fair hearted I guess, sorry I can be overprotective

Contains references to abuse, coulrophobia & rape.


Key thingy:



Means the break between dream and reality


Means change in dream sequence.


Please review & vote, tell me watcha think & help me out with this, I just write whatever fanfic comes to mind and post it, I dunno what u guys r after. I recently had someone ask 4 a proposal thing, u want me to give that a shot??



Sleep; a time during night or day (although generally night) when the mind is at rest and is supposed to renew the person or other living thing for the next day. A time where the living being shuts their eyes and their mind shuts down temporarily.

Dreams and Nightmares; part of the minds subconscious that is either termed to describe a time in the future to look forward to (e.g. I dream I will live on a farm one day, I have a dream I will be a _____...). Or used to term a part of the subconscious they can either comfort or terrify the mind during sleep.


"Itsy bitsy spider."

Her eyes remained wide-eyed in a hidden form of terror. The singing figure dark and hunch over, despite the murky darkness she can still tell /who/ he is, and she knows /exactly/ what he's after when she woke up in this situation.

"Climbed up the water spout." The man continued. She had to keep her face hard, straight and blank. Forcing herself to stop trembling in fear at his words, the sneering tone scratching like nails on a chalkboard, knife on a china or porcelain plate.

"Down came the rain..."

She trembled slightly while the man filled the inch-long needle with the odd and thick, pinkish-coloured liquid.

"And washed the spider out." The man turned towards her and smirked evilly at her, the shaft of light from the dim and flickering light above accentuating it and making this fear a lot more difficult to deal with. Especially as he flicked the syringe with his index finger and thumb. She had a hard time trying to keep calm and avoid hyperventilation. She started to struggle slightly at the leather restraints that held her hands down on the steel table.

"Up came the sun, and dried out all the rain,"

Her heart pounded in her chest, her ears throbbed and her mouth was dry, she nearly choked as her tears of terror were held back and the man slowly, very slowly, slid the needle into her skin, into the vein in the crook if her left elbow.

"And the itsy bitsy spider, climbed up the spout..." The man deliberately paused as he pushed down on the syringe head the insert the liquid, her neck quivering, and breathing ragged as she gagged on her fear and the liquid she felt rushing through her body.




As her eyes rolled into the back of her head in the dream when the last drop of the injection entered her body, her eyes shot open and she gagged and choked in reality. Clint was already sitting up next to her, a gentle hand on her left shoulder, she breathed heavily, in big gulps and huffs.

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