Interlude 2

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Interlude 2

"I need an update on Pakistan."

"It's on schedule."

"Can we accelerate?"

"I advise against it."

"And why is that?"

"You know we're not fully in control of the resource. If we try to direct things too much, it could all go to hell. What's the rush?"

"China's the real issue. Can we start there with Pakistan ongoing?"

"I can make the suggestion, but again ... I advise against it."

"The timetable's getting short. Those assholes are barking up my tree every day. What can we do to make it go faster?"

"There's too much we don't understand about the methodology. We have no real say in how the op is carried out."

"Syria went smoothly. If Pakistan stays in tolerance, push the schedule. We need to impress urgency here. Do you have any idea how much money went into this?"

"I approved the budget, so yes."

"If they don't give a concrete reason why we can't go ahead, give the order."

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