Damon from Vampire Diaries Imagine

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Imagine you and Damon are recentely newlyweds...

"Damon, I'm home" you called as you entered the Salvatore home. You got startled as he appeared right in front of you. But you loved it when he did that.

"I missed you today" Damon said as he grabbed your hips going in for a kiss. There was something about his lips that turned you on. As he kissed you more and more you became more excited and wanting of sex. You felt his erection against your body as he roughly forced your body into his. You loved his roughness. His touch was erotic. 

"I love you so much baby" you said as he started kissing your neck. First you were moaning lightly. The moans grew louder and louder as his perfect lips and teeth gave you a hickey. Then when you felt his big bulge again against your body you almost let out a loud scream at the amazing feeling. 

You guys took it to the bedroom and he pulled you onto the bed having you lay on your back. He took off his shirt and slowly pulled your shirt and bra off as he continued to kiss every part of your neck.

Damon placed his lips on your left nipple and sucked it hard as he was stroking your right boob. The touch of his hands on your body gave you the erotic pleasure that you knew only Damon could give you.

"Yes baby" you said responding to the pleasure he was giving you. He took off his pants and sexy tight Calvin Klein boxers then started licking your right nipple. You moaned and gasped over and over at the feeling of his erected penis stroking your stomach as he was moving up and down while still sucking your nipple. 

Damon lips went down your stomach causing you to moan and he pulled down your underwear. He sucked and licked your clitoris repeatedly. 

"I'm gonna cum!" you yelled and he shoved two fingers into you. He played around shoving his fingers in and out going up and down. Suddenly you squirted all over his fingers. He tasted your lady juices off of his fingers and then gave you a taste putting his fingers in your mouth.

Suddenly he grabbed your head up from the pillow and inserted his penis into your mouth and you sucked it without stopping while moving back and forth with the rhythm of Damon's hips which you were clutching onto.

The sound of his moans almost made you cum again. You kept sucking giving him pleasure. His hips were thrusting back and forth making his penis head hit the back of your throat making you gag. You licked all around his shaft and then continued sucking.

"Suck it baby! Suck it!" Damon's moans grew louder and louder letting you know he was reaching his climax. He ejected and grabbed his penis directing cum all over your face. You loved the taste.

"Give it to me baby" you said as more cum just kept squirting out going everywhere. You knew Damon had big loads.

He pushed you back down onto the bed and put his cock right into to you. The feeling of his perfectly rounded shaft going in and out of your vagina made you feel amazing. The pleasure your were feeling was indescribable. 

"I'm gonna cum!" You yelled again for the second time of the night. Just as you squirted onto Damon's cock he pulled out and did the same right onto your clitoris.

You both orgasmed with Damon on top of you. You continued to make out with each other in the wet bed.

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