Forever Wounded: A Vietnam and America Tribute~

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Alright you guys I was talking to my co author and looking up pictures on deviantart. (Great picture site you should check it out) and I saw a picture of Alfred and Ai, it was more like a comic strip really. And Alfred was appologizing to Ai who had her head bandaged up. Apparently he was appologizing about the war. And together we came up with this story~! Its only a one shot so don't get your hopes through the roof.

: Short Summary;

Alfred and Ai go to war about her decision to become a communist! Ai was convinced to do so by Russia. Alfred leaves the country and her there to perish over the decision. Afterwards Ai recovers in China's home and Mei comes to the rescue! They fall in love and live happily ever after.


Alfred returns and appologizes. Does Ai forgive him and get on with her life? Or does an appology come from her lips aswell? find out soon!

(probably tomorrow xD)

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