Chapter 5

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"I think you were meant to knock her out, not bloody shoot her!"

"Yeah well everyone was yelling at me to do something, I panicked I guess."

"You know the King is gonna kill you, if she doesn't wake up."

"I know, I know, she better though, thats all I'm saying."

"You'll regret what you did! You'll pay!

I drift into conscientious to see myself lying on a rough wooden plank which I think is meant to be my bed. There's a dog bowl on the floor filled with what looks like coincidentally, dog food... with milk dribbled over it. My stomach rumbles, how long have I been dead for?

Jeez. My head is throbbing so much. It feels like I'm ramming it into a brick wall over and over again. STOP! Why does it never stop? But my back is the worst of all. I can feel the crusted blood around the wound where it had trickled down my spine. I can't even remember in detail what happened, all I know is that I got shot and it hurts like hell. 

I glance around the room. It is the size of a cupboard, with the end of the 'bed' jammed up to both ends of the wall and only just enough space for me to stand between the bed and the door. I try to sit up but change my mind as a hot sharp pain shoots up my back making me cry out. 

The door all of a sudden swings open revealing two guards, in their early twenties. One covered with scars and piercings and the other tall and skinny, both with shaved heads and rifles in their hands. 

"Oh look, it's awake." Skinny sneers

Scarface chuckles, "Lucky for you mate." 

They both stare at me for a second grinning their faces off, making me feel powerless, which I guess I am. 

"It's a stunner though."Scarface says

"Aye, you got that one right mate."

"Maybe I'll be able to spend some, special time with her later."

"Go ahead, it's all yours."

I gulp. I'm not sure what he's meaning by  special time but I know I'm not going to like it. Probably sex knowing guards but he's not going to get a chance. Not if I have anything to do with it. 

"Right your coming with me pigeon." Skinny calls grinning at Scarface

"Dan! The boss ordered me to take it!"

"Shut the F**K up, Chaz!" 

"Don't tell me what to do faggot!"

I think about standing up and moving around them but there's no where near enough space to squeeze past them and it's too sore to move let alone run. I lie there thinking of all the possible escape routes as the two idiots stand there yelling at eachother. I'll make a run for it once I'm out of my cell...... My knife. I dig my hand into my pocket. DAMN! They must of taken it.

"WHAT DO YOUS THINK YOU'RE DOING!?! Someone yells from the corridor. 

Scarface and Skinny both fall silent and start mumbling inaudible stuff under their breaths. A tall man stalks into the room, he has huge biceps and must have at least an eight pack under his shirt. I can  feel myself blushing at the thought of finding out. It's only when he turns fully round to face me that my expression falls dramatically and is replaced by automatic fear. Bobby Dillan, the boy who used to bully me when we were little. 

He turns round and stares right at me. His face almost lights up as he recognises me. Please don't say my name, please don't say it. I pray in my head.

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