Mario and peach fanfiction

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(Mario pov)

I was about to walk into Peach's castle I was so excited this was the first time she invited me, I slowly knocked the giant wooden door and she opened the door insanely.

(Peach pov)

I wondered if he knew I was waiting for him by the door. I can't tell him yet, he loves Daisy and I can't stop that. We quickly walked to the kitchen to have cake I'll have to tell him.

(Mario pov)

What dose she want? I know she doesn't love me so why am I hear instead of Luigi?

Peach"this will be a lot to ask but I think as a friend you'll do it"

Of corse I'm just in the friend zone, I really don't want to do this but I guess I have to.

Mario"what is it."

Peach "I'm going to propose to Luigi, isn't this is great isn't it?"

My heart was pounding by now the love of my life was about to propose to my brother. A big fat tear ran down my eye but I quickly wiped it off so she wouldn't see.

Mario "great ill be going now"

I didn't want to but I thought she would.

Peach " no stay in till he comes please"

How could I say no to her face. I couldn't so I had to stay

(Peach POV )

I could tell Mario didn't want to stay why was I keeping him here? I don't no cuz I'm stupid. I rang Luigi up and told him to come to my house as quick as he could.

Knock knock knock!

Went the door. I jumped to my feet in excitement

"Luigi's here I'm going to go let him in"

(Mario's POV)

Great I said in my sarcastic voice

I cant believe the girl of my dreams is about to get married to my BROTHER!

Luigi "hey Mario your here too?"

"Yeah hey Luigi" I said still in my sarcastic voice.

Peach "Mario maybe you should wait for is in the living room.

I silently got up and walked to the living room.

(Peach's POV)

Peach: I need to ask you an important question

Luigi: what is it sweetheart

Peach: I-I-I

What am I doing I don't love Luigi.....I think I love Mario oh my gosh these these thoughts are giving me a headache. I think I will end it all now

Peach: I t-think we s-should see different p-people

Luigi: how's that a question

Peach: it's not anyway I think it's time you go

Luigi: k weaver I don't care BITCH! By the way I'm keeping the castle pack your stuff you've got a week to find somewhere new

(Mario POV)

Peach walked into her living room she was crying her eyes out.

Mario:what happened

She didn't answer she just kept crying and crying and crying

Peach : I've got a week to find  somewhere new

Mario: it's a bit small but you could stay with me

Peach: really *hug's Mario*

That was the best felling EVER