The Hunter

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Chennel's p.o.v

I closed my spell book and stretched."Finally,I am done.Yes I learned all the spells!!!" I smiled an lifted the heavy ,thick book in the bookshelf.

"Honey, why don't you go to sleep it is late, your bed time was four hours ago."My mom said poking her head thorough the door."Ok,Mom love you,good night."

"Good night,honey." I yawned and went to the bathroom took a shower and brushed my teeth and changed in tights and a black crop top. I don't sleep in pajamas.

I closed my eyes and mumbled a spell ,and all the lights flickered out. My kitten maple sleeps with me,she walks into the room ,the reason she is so special is because she is a shape shifter and only listens to me,because I created her. I pet her fur as she moved under the covers.I close my eyes and fell asleep.

During the night ,I heard and ear pitching scream. I heared two male voices,I jumped up and it awoke Maple too.Maple spring up,and she had enough common sense that this was danger and she should stay quiet.

I grabbed her,and quickly pulled the covers off me,I grabbed maple.I walked through the open door.I overheard some of the conversation. My mom stayed quiet.

An unknown deep voice started to talk."Where is the Dark witch,tell me or I will kill you and your useless wife ,you old man." News flash,I am but it was suppose to be a secret. I was also pretty sure he was talking to my dad.

"Why would we tell you,when she finds you she will kil-" My dad started but was interrupted rudley.

"I heard enough kill him and his miserable wife." He voice said. "Gladly ."Another man said.I heared two slices probably their necks."Now search the house. If we don't find her we are dead."My parents were gone I can't believe it,why.Because of my powers,my parents were normal humans,they don't deserve this cruelty.

I had to escape or else it would be a waste of them dying trying to protect me.I tipped toed out of my room.

I opened the backdoor slowly and closed it ,when it made a squeak."Over there get her." Oh no he spotted me,I am dead.

My grip around Maple tightened,I sprinted quickly though the woods.My heart was over a million miles per hours,I ran so fast that everything rushed past as a blur.

Sharp rocks and tree branches cut my feet and legs it ripped up my tights."Give up you will never outrun us,little girl." One said .During the run I put my free arm in the air mumbled a spell.I heard the two men groaned and fall to the ground,I was attacking their minds with dark magic.I don't like dark magic,but the reason I am called the dark witch is because I can do dark magic.Some spells can happen because of emotion or even without even talking.

I smiled and my vision blurred forming dots of purple.I pushed myself about another three or four miles,my knees grew weak. I fell onto the ground and Maple dropped out of my hand. She got on her paws and shifted into a invisible human she picked me up and turned me invisible too with her touch.After resting my vision cleared up she carried me at least five miles before she collapsed.

She did all of that for me because that what best friends do.Your probably thinking,your friends with a cat,really. But the truth was I loved her with all my heart,if we died at least we together. She shifted back into a kitten and passed out. Before I passed out I realized we were in the clearing of the woods,I gathered all energy and picked her tiny body up and sat us by a shady tree away from plain sight ,but if you looked closely you could see us.

I collapsed and my vision dotted with blackness ,a single tear dropped out of my eye and a tiny smile.The tear showed saddenss and happiness.

That this was most likely going to be our death.But I was glad I spent my last moments with her,my lovely kitten.

"I love you."I whispered softly before darkness consumed me.

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