♪ Chapter 4

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C H A P T E R  4

Despite Chase's reassurance, Keara's actions still scared me. I was afraid that she'd win again, that I'd lose again and that everyone would choose her again. So I was determined to stop her.


"I swear, it'll take me a few tries, but I did it over the summer!" Mr Hastings muttered, as he tried to complete the trick he had supposedly learned to do over the summer. He attempted to throw the guitar over his shoulder again, but instead of going over it, it merely crashed into it.

"Sir," I spoke up, trying to hide my laugh, "you're going to break your guitar."

It was guitar lessons, and usually in this class we all pick a song we want to learn, and Mr Hastings helps us learn it. Yet today he decided he wanted to show off his guitar skills.

"It worked last time!" He complained, trying to swing the guitar again.

"Sir, your guitar's too pretty to break." Shannon added, watching the guitar anxiously.

Nearly everyone in the room were holding back their laughter. That is everyone but Jessica, who was sitting at her desk, doodling in her notebook. She had changed over the school year, I realized that the moment she saw me and didn't get in a fight. Shannon had also noticed the difference, but she had said that she had changed a lot two months after school started. She had stopped strolling down the halls like she owns the place, and she didn't pick on the other students anymore. She even got in a fight with her father outside the principles office.

I watched her continue to draw in her book. I sort of did missed the bitchy Jessica.

Suddenly there was a crash, and everyone turned to Mr Hastings, eyes wide in horror. His guitar was behind him smashed on the ground. Mr Hastings coughed nervously, "I may have thrown it too hard.."

"You killed it!" I cried in disbelief, as I stared at the remainings of his guitar.

A group of kids who were in the old Turn It Up camp began to laugh as they stared at the mess he made. "You just threw it!" One of them laughed, tears streaming from his eyes. Soon enough everyone was laughing at Mr Hastings who was fighting a smile. Even Jessica cracked a smile.

"If anyone asks, it was a complete accident, and it happened while I was teaching you. I need Chris to pay for my new guitar."

We all just nodded, still chuckling. Mr Hastings was too nice to disobey, he was just a little bit stupid.

He picked up his broken guitar, and made his way to the door. "You can all just sit here, while I go and talk to Chris about this."

We nodded in agreement, and I lay back in my seat, my guitar in my hand. "Rest in peace Mr Hasting's guitar." I murmured.

Shane and Chase snorted with laughter at that,while Shannon sniffed. "It was so pretty!" She repeated.

I sat up and patted her on the back, that's when I noticed a group of girls glaring at me. They were a mixture of different groups from the camp, but they all surrounded the one person I hate. And she, herself, was sitting in the middle of them rubbing away tears.

Fake tears.

I had seen Keara cry before. And that was when she hadn't won a dance competition when she was fourteen. That was the only time I had ever seen her cry properly. Her eyes would be red and puffy, and her face would be white. These were merely forced tears.

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