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We walked back to my house and no one was home, so we went up to my room.

"What about we each write two duets we wanna sing, show each other, then choose the best?" I said.

"Okay." he said.

Liv's list
Sleeping with a Friend-Neon Trees
Something Stupid-Nancy and Frank Sinatra

Artie's List
You're the one that I want-Olivia Newton John and John Travolta
Something Stupid-Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra

"Okay you go first!" I said.

"Um, ' You're the one that I want' from Grease and ' Something Stupid'." he said.

"I have 'Something Stupid' as well!" I said

"Then we're doing that."


We talked for a while then he said...

"Do still like Puck or Mike?"

"Not really."

We here looking into each other's eyes, for like 2 minutes.
Then we stopped.
He had beautiful blue eyes.

"Anyway," he said

Why didn't he kiss me?!

"Let's get rehearsing!" I said.

While we were singing, I was blushing the whole time.
I hope he doesn't find out.

What if we dated?
Everyone would judge us?
If Finn found out.
If we broke up?
It would be awkward.
It could ruin our friendship.

"Hey, what was your other song?" He asked me.

"I doesn't matter," I said, rolling me eyes.

"Tell me!"




"I don't wanna do this, but you've left me no choice." he said.

He started to tickle me so I ran away.
But then we were downstairs and he caught up to me.
We were on the sofa and he was on up of me, while tickling me.

We both stopped giggling and tickling.
We looked into each others eyes.
He both leaned in and....

"I'm home," yelled Finn.

Artie got off of me as quick lightning.

We had dinner then, Artie left.
Then I went to bed.

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