Chapter 2

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She was

This time, she was crazily embarrassed. She'd moved into her new school nearer to the city center of Toronto, and she conveniently forgot to tell the school about the extent of her asthma.

So during gym class, she knew trouble would find her when their teacher assigned 5 laps as warmup.

Somehow, she made it through the 5 laps, but before she had time to even catch her breath, Mrs Hicks started a game of dodgeball.

Must've been really interesting to see the new girl drop like an insect in the middle of dodgeball.

"Ms Emerson?" The familiar voice of Dr Jacob rang out, soothingly.

She cracked one eye open.

It happened again. Vague memories of what happened flooded her mind, and she cringed. She also noticed the usual mask over her nose and mouth. It was rather soothing to watch your breath condense on the surface of the mask. Dr Watson always complained that it made her look like a cross-eyed duck.

" 'm good, I know the procedures, thanks Dr Jacob," Em mumbled, closing her eyes once more.

"Good to hear. Rest well. Your parents have been notified, but they're still held up in Colorado," Dr Jacob commented, writing notes on Em's clipboard.

Em's parents were the executives of an architecture and design firm, and helped in the building in many world class skyscrapers. They often travelled everywhere for meetings and supervising the construction. This time, apparently, it's Colorado.

Even being rich businessmen couldn't cure your daughter of a disease, Em pondered, letting the dark drowsiness engulf her once more.


"Morning Em, feeling better?" Nurse Jenn smiled upon seeing Em creep silently down the hallway

Damn, I got noticed, Em thought. She liked to sneak to the A&E and watch new arrivals, as she called them. It was interesting and she enjoyed the buzz in A&E, not sterile and dull like the rest of the hospital.

Em straightened up, smiling. "I'm feeling great. Have you eaten?" She asked, trying to creep by Nurse Jenn without getting discovered that she was still supposed to be in bed.

"Oh yeah, I had a really nice tuna sandwich. Hey, weren't you just admitted yesterday? You should be resting," Nurse Jenn reminded, "but it's alright, just be sure to be back soon, Dr Jacob will be on his rounds again at 1."

Em let out a chirpy "I will!", padding silently down the hallway, taking a shortcut through Orthopedics. The cold marble floor of Orthopedics told her that she forgot her slippers.

She reached the A&E, waving hello to the Ginny, the young intern nurse on duty.

"Busy day?" She asked, playing with the pen on the counter.

"Oh yes, very much. You're in here again? But we just saw you last month! Em, please take care of yourself. By the way, here for sightseeing again are we?" Ginny chuckled, tucking a stray wisp of red hair behind her ear.

"I would totally stay out of here if you'd give me a pair of not-so-crap lungs," Em replied, twirling the pen between her fingers.

"There weren't many people brought in this morning, but they're not really the kind of hot hunk," Ginny whispered, craning her neck from the counter. "Hey, gotta run, I think Riley needs some help with triage."

As Ginny darted off towards the waiting rooms, Em backed behind a pillar, shivering a little. Should have worn shoes, she thought to herself.

The buzz in Emergency was never ending. People coming in, crying and screaming, covered in blood sometimes, looking green (Ginny said she usually ended up in Emergency with a peculiar shade of blue; or rather, cyanosis.)

Nurses would then sort them out, aka triage. The head nurse there would rank the patients in order of priority, before they would see a doctor.

But amongst the blur of new faces, she saw an anomaly.

An Asian ninja with only socks on.

Maybe not exactly a ninja.

A plump white man was carrying this plop of Asian boy in his arms, only dressed in a black shirt and black (yoga?) pants, and black socks in this cold Toronto weather.

An athlete? She wondered. Maybe a diver.

Upon closer look, his lips were tinged blue.

Oh hell yes. A new roommate.

Dr Jacobs walked through Emergency, with an armful of ring files, bearing the names of his patients.

Oh shit, he's going for rounds, she thought.

And on the top of that stack, read in black lettering:

Emerson Tia Cole.


Em rushed back towards her room, her bare feet pattering on the cold tiles of the hospital. She knew the layout of the hospital like the back of her hand. She really needed to be fast.

The soft ding of the elevator alerted her that Dr Jacobs was on his way to her room on the 8th floor, like fast.

She realized that the only way to outrun the elevator in lobby A was to use staircase A. Staircases were never good.

"Get your bloody shit together, crap lungs," she mumbled, praying she would make it all the way up to the 8th and not die.

The first five floors were somewhat alright, but Em felt her chest getting tighter, ever time she sprinted out the staircase and pressed the call button for the elevator just to slow Dr Jacobs down.

She staggered to the 8th floor lobby, just as the elevator let out a pleasant ding, and Dr Jacobs walked out.

He stared at her in shock, as she tried to blink out the black spots from the corner of her eyes.

"Emers--" he started, but Em's vision faded and she could feel herself falling.

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